Sister by Sibling has swapped the at times unpolished but always expressive and creative melting pot of East London for a more sleek and sophisticated environment. The glamorous interiors of the W hotel Leicester Square London serve as the décor for their new inspired Fashion Film Doppelgänger, featuring the S/S13 collection. Art director Gabriel Gettman created a disco-glam setting with a blissful 70’s vibe where the sisters are dancing in a daze, letting the melodious tunes take possession of their bodies. Even though it might seem as if the sisters grew up to be elegant ladies, Sister by Sibling wouldn’t be Sister by Sibling if they didn’t let a hint of their rebellious nature shine through occasionally.

Words by Juliette Sijnja


Claudia, Dahlia, Emma Allan, Fionn Cox-Davies, Gabriel Gettman, Juliette Sijnja, Kieran Partise, Lemez & Fridel, Lemonade Productions, Models 1, premiere, Rio, Select, Sister by Sibling, Sonya, W London,