Although it seems that London Fashion Week took place a lifetime ago, the night of Bas Koster’s event will last in our memories for quite some time. The Amsterdam based fashion designer served his new collection “The Munchies” on a plate, celebrating the joy of food. His off-beat fashion presentation at the Elektrowerkz venue showcased a colour explosion of food prints, accessories and actual snacks. Food prints turned alive through a buffet of baby sunflower macaroons and sweet peppers, backed up by Pop Artist Alex Kaseta’s psychedelic videos showcasing Koster himself as the Chef de Cuisine. In addition DJ’s, performers and live acts such as Larry Tee, Mikey Woodbridge and Mega Ω Mega took place reflecting Koster’s connection to music, performance and art. All these facets served as the right ingredients for the creation of a perfect mash. The energetic and positive atmosphere, which ruled backstage as well as on stage, made it a night to remember. They say fashion is a matter of taste, well this evening literally was. A real flavour sensation, tickling all of your senses.

Words by Lete Hulscher


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