Volt Café: What inspires you in your designs?
SeungMi Kim: The original concept was inspired by ‘Cubism’. During the design process, I wanted to show both the visual and the meaning of this concept. The original intention of Cubism was that ‘the main objective is to reproduce the surface through three dimensional view, the basic perspective rule is abandoned and showing the same object in different sides’. In conclusion, I tried to introduce the changes of form depending on the position of view. Original painters’ works influenced most of my designs’ shapes and colour.

VC: How did your time at the London College of Fashion influence you?
SMK: LCF gave me a lot of challenging opportunities. Technicians gave me a lot of help making the shoes and helped me solve the many problems that arose from the making process. Furthermore, I was able to learn a variety of things through various workshops from LCF, such as understanding the leather, leather control and control technology systems.

VC: Have you been able to do any collaborations?
SMK: I have experienced collaboration four times so far. The most memorable work was the Uzbekistan project, which was promoted by the British Council with Tashkent in Uzbek. In this project, we could get inspiration form everything without any constraint, so it could be carried out freely. Through this work, I could develop some skills such as waving of craftsman-ship and making patterns. In addition, it gave some meaning to each part of the designs. This project gave me an opportunity to have my first exhibition.

VC: When you design, is there a particular person you think of who can wear your pieces?
SMK: I always only think of one. People who can understand the meaning and can see the value of the design. The most important element of the shoes is to give comfort; that is most important element in the design.

VC: How do you feel about your generation of London designers?
SMK: I recall firstly the word ‘Fresh’, when I see the current emerging designers’ work. Their work gives something fresh to the audience, and the design technique brings creativity and intensity. I used to get motivation and ideas form their work. Also, some designers are freely using materials and colour strongly in their design; I feel this is London’s style. That is why I chose to study in London.


VC: How do you feel your work plays into London fashion?
SMK: I definitely tried to design with an aim at the London fashion industry. I hope my works can give an inspiration to someone.

VC: What’s your goal as a young designer?
SMK: My biggest goal is to debut formally as a footwear designer globally. It is a very difficult to do for many reasons. I am going to go back to my home country and then I will build a stable foundation of the brand. I will actively participate in London and Europe to show my design continually. Then, I will achieve my goal by working my way up. I don’t know how long it will take to do it. But I will try to show my work in the fashion world and do my best.

Words by Nicholas Hayden


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