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: What inspires you in your designs?

Christina Mikelis: Theory, culture and nature are a repetitive theme throughout my creations. My designs form a clear vision, which encapsulates my personal attitude on life’s experience, drawing attention to the darker elements of this world. The most recent collection, ‘The Human Sacrifice’ is based upon the Aztec ritual of sacrifice. Almost every human being, whether religious or not, throughout history has “sacrificed” or “offered” something in return for a goal. Whether sacrificing time, or in the extreme case, human beings, the concept of sacrifice has been with us since the beginning of time. The collection draws attention to mass consumption and how today’s society is far too removed from the origin of the word sacrifice i.e sacred – because of the omnipresent individualism that is embedded in consumerism. Inspired by the desire of having an effect in society with romantic and daring designs. Products are statement pieces, which aim to awaken the desired beauty in the beholder.

VC: How did your time at the London College of Fashion influence you?

CM: Working alongside many other talented designers inspired me to go further with my designs and vision. Before starting at the London College of Fashion, I was a sculptor and painter working in a variety of mediums. With a great technical tutor, I was able to quickly learn new skills and push my creations into products and an industry, which I hadn’t considered before.

VC: Who would you love to collaborate with?

CM: I desire to collaborate with like-minded designers, artists and performers. The last collection I worked along side Kyle Hopkins, who I would love to work with again, due to his passion and vision. I am open to anyone who wants to drive concept and technical construction to the limits.

VC: When you design, is there a particular person you think of who can wear your pieces?

CM: With so many up and coming performers and personalities I could not point a finger to an individual. However when I design, I have in mind a society of naturally eccentric individuals, who display their love of art and beauty. I want to address all characters and personalities who stand for something good in this world, and who are energizing others to do good.


VC: How do you feel about your generation of London designers?

CM: Beyond excited. London is continually breeding pure talent. Over the past few years I have met so many creative and original designers, who are forever amazing me with their work. I am so glad to be based in London and have the chance to meet these independent thinkers.

VC: How do you feel your work plays into London fashion?

CM: I would like to forward that question to the industry as well. The London fashion scene is a wheel, which is constantly turning over at high speed. I believe that my creations are more about a personal vision, which does not naturally sit with a fast turn over time. Instead I aim to provide the industry with one well thought out collection a year, featuring iconic products that enthuse all artists and designers.

VC: What’s your goal as a young designer?

CM: I want to create a strong vision in this life. One that brings out consumers’ emotions through exciting and yet shocking designs. Crossing the boundaries of fashion and art, I hope to expand my reach to as many people as possible. I aim to work with talented people in a variety of mediums, creating a wide range of products, installations, interiors and experiences. Everyone here deserves to have a beautiful life, and I hope to be a part of his or her stimulation.

Words by Nicholas Hayden


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