Esper-Layout91Photographer | Ellen Rogers
Photography assistant | Liam Hart
Styling | Melissa Williams
Model | Jessica Mai Walker

Volt Café is very excited to announce the launch of a brand new section, which will be entirely dedicated to stimulating young creativity. It will serve as a platform for as yet undiscovered talent to give their unique take on fashion. Pioneering collaborations with future industry professionals and students will be curated here.
We introduce you to…

Order-of-Cistercians4 copyPhotography | Liam Hart
Styling | Melissa Williams
Model | Lauren Goddard

Camberwell-Colour-Layout51Photography | Maxwell Tomlinson
Styling | Melissa Williams
Model | Sarah Thomas @ Select


Ellen Rogers, Jessica Mai Walker, Lauren Goddard, Liam Hart, Maxwell Tomlinson, Melissa Williams, Sarah Thomas,