‘Volt Introduces’ ten young artists from UCA Epsom to display their upcoming graduate work.

Vanessa Omoregie is a multimedia artist and creative based in London. Vanessa works with the internet as a medium, as well as projects in creative direction, styling and photography. She likes working with themes on youth, cyber culture and feminism.


Volt Café: What is your best childhood memory?
Vanessa Omoregie: Playing in the garden at my grandparents’ house in Nigeria.

VC: What is the most important thing you learned during college?
VO: The more research you do the more research you have to do, never feel like there’s an ‘end goal’ you can always be developing and learning and that’s a good thing.

VC: What kind of films do you enjoy?
VO: I’m really in love with technology so I watch a lot of documentaries about the Internet, films that could be considered ‘sci-fi’ I guess but are more about an emotional response to technology, like The Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are a couple of my favourites.

VC: How would you describe your work aesthetics?
VO: I would describe it as a manipulation. I like to see how much I can change something, how I can hack into things, especially when it comes to computers. I like to break things, and I would hope my work expresses a little bit of that curiosity.

VC: Who is the most inspiring person you have ever met?
VO: It’s more like a collective of people I’ve met over the past year; A lot of other female-identified artists over the Internet and IRL that have shared their ideas and perspectives with me. I’m also part of a feminist art collective called Bunny Collective with members who are artists, writers and filmmakers that continue to inspire me daily.

VC: What is your dream job?
VO: I would like to work within a space, maybe one I create myself one day, that generates new exciting ideas for projects in branding, fashion communication and art direction.

The work of the students will be presented during the month September. Special thanks to PUMA for their support. We’ll update you with more information closer to the date.

Image by: Vanessa Omoregie
Words by Kama Krystel, Nikki Neervens, and Hannah Sweeney



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