‘Volt Introduces’ ten young artists from UCA Epsom to display their upcoming graduate work.

Sophie Lobban is a freelance photographer originally from the north east of England. She currently lives and works in London/Surrey.


Volt Café: What is your best childhood memory?
Sophie Lobban: Being told that I was eventually allowed to have a dog after years of begging, pleading and countless substitute goldfish – I remember trembling with happiness when I called the owner to say that wanted their last puppy that was up for sale!

VC: Who has influenced your career the most (and why)?
SL: I think it’s a combination of three young female photographers, Olivia Bee, Nirrimi Firebrace and Eleanor Hardwick. I followed them on Flickr (circa 2006!) and fell in love with the creativity, expression and atmosphere a camera could conjure up and I started collecting cameras and exploring them myself.


VC: How did your style evolve during university years?
SL: I made the decision to focus my work and aesthetic using only natural lighting. I realised that I found studios and blank white backdrops really uninspiring for me and my subject, so I began building and scouting my own sets, spaces and scenes to photograph in. Styling also became a bigger focus – collaborating with other creatives on my degree to dress models to further enhance my concepts.

VC: What kind of music/which artists do you listen to while working on a project?
SL: I usually listen to my entire iTunes – on shuffle, which obviously throws up some insane and embarrassing set list combinations from Spandau Ballet to the Pokémon theme tune. But I usually like artists I can chant along to, someone like Frank Turner or Kasabian. If I’m shooting a model I’ll let them decide the music to keep them relaxed and chilled out, I’ve noticed girls love hip hop more than boys do.


VC: What are your plans after graduation?
SL: My plans are to continue freelancing, pick up some forgotten personal projects, test a whole bunch of fashion concepts and continue model castings/go-sees. Then I’d like to visit Australia and make a photography book.

The work of the students will be presented during the month September. Special thanks to PUMA for their support. We’ll update you with more information closer to the date.

Image by: Sophie Lobban
Words by: Kama Krystel, Nikki Neervens, Hannah Sweeney


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