Illustrations by Will Blower
Design by Rebecca Hawkes

‘Volt Introduces’ 8 young artists who were commissioned to illustrate love as fashion and art.
What makes their heart beat faster?

With a BA in Fashion Illustration from London College of Fashion, Will Blower’s first love was drawing. He has been drawing for as long as he remembers. We wanted to find out how this love has grown and developed along the way. And to find out if he maybe also had any other loves…

Volt Café: Where does your passion for illustrations come from?
Will Blower: I think it originally came from reading a lot as a child. I especially loved Quentin Blake’s illustrations for Roald Dahl; they had a big influence on me growing up.

VC: What or who is your biggest crush?
WB: Joe Manganiello.




VC: How would you describe your illustrative style?
: Quite cartoony at times, but it’s always changing.

VC: What chances do you see in being an illustrator?
: I think there are a lot of different avenues you can take. At the moment I’m working as a visual merchandiser and it all links back to layouts, colour schemes and problem solving.

VC: What is your background?
WB: I’m from the North East of England but I’ve been living in London for the past six years. I originally came for university but fell in love with the city.

VC: What is your biggest goal so far?
WB: I hope to one day illustrate full-time and have my work published as often as possible.


VC: We asked you to illustrate “Love”. In words, what is love for you?
WB: A connection between two people, physical or emotional, that overwhelms and consumes you.

VC: What do you dream of?
WB: Lie-ins and puppies.


VC: What is the most romantic thing that happened to you?
WB: Whenever my boyfriend makes me a cup of tea.

VC: What do you notice on the streets of London?
WB: Diversity, exhaustion.

Words by Ellen Grace Albers and Nikki Neervens



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