Illustrations by Victoria Lyons
Design by Rebecca Hawkes

‘Volt Introduces’ eight young artists who were commissioned to illustrate ‘Love’ as fashion and art.
What makes their hearts beat faster?

London based Victoria Lyons is a fashion illustrator and fashion designer. She completed a BA in Fashion Design Technology, as well as a Master’s degree in Digital Fashion. She enjoys hand drawn techniques enhanced with digital methods of development. What else does she enjoy? And how would she describe her personal style?

Volt Café: Where does your passion for illustrations come from?
Victoria Lyons: I’ve always had any eye for colour, detail, design and the ability to manifest concepts in visual creations since I was little. When I made the obvious choice to study this, I began to craft and refine my ability to create and became more structured in my approach.

VC: What or who is your biggest crush?
VL: My biggest crush… I would have to say are anything created by Basso & Brooke and Illustrated People. I’m really not that fussy, I just love anything they do.


VC: How would you describe your illustrative style?
VL: It is an eclectic range of bold, effeminate imagery inspired by     everyday life, beauty, popular culture, art and most prominently, fashion.

VC: What chances do you see in being an illustrator?
VL: The possibilities appear endless…. I didn’t expect to achieve what I’ve already achieved. I have had the pleasure of working on campaigns, editorials, clothing and in media. Sometimes the difficulty actually comes in choosing the direction I want go in.

VC: What is your background?
VL: I was born and also educated in London. I completed a BA Hons in Fashion Design Technology at the London College of Fashion, before working at John Richmond as a print/graphic designer. In 2010 I returned to LCF and completed a Master’s degree in Digital Fashion. Following this, I went on to work for Brown & Foreman and C’est Chic designs. At present I live on the outskirts of London specialising in illustration, design, branding and communications.

VC: What are you aiming for right now?
VL: My biggest goal is to harness my skills at a higher level and get to the next phase of my career, utilising all my creative skills.

VC: We asked you to illustrate “Love”. In words, what is love to you?
VL: In my eyes, love is magic, mixed with an influx of fierce sensations/emotion, laughter, selflessness, anguish and belief, all rolled into one.

VC: What are your dreams?
VL: I dream of blue skies, abstract shapes, colour, couture; all the places I’ve visited and all the places I have yet to see.

VC: What is the most romantic thing that happened to you?
VL: Hmmm. I think being told “Show me heaven, show me earth, and I’ll move it for you”


VC: What can you see in the streets of London?
VL: I see bold buildings, an array of art and culture and sometimes… a beautiful skyline,

VC: What idea/trend would you like to share with us?
VL: The main trend steadily emerging forms a collision between art and fashion. These two entities are becoming more synonymous than ever before. I have noticed that people are engaging both on a conscious and sub-conscious level in displaying these elements in unison in both appearance and life style.

Words by Ellen Grace Albers and Nikki Neervens



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