Illustrations by Valerie Servais
Design by Rebecca Hawkes

‘Volt Introduces’ eight young artists who were commissioned to illustrate ‘Love’ as fashion and art.
What makes their hearts beat faster?

Twenty-two years old and a BA Fashion Illustration graduate, Valerie Servais is a London-based illustrator. She has a passionate interest in interdisciplinary work, because it takes two to tango. But she also makes beautiful illustrations on her own. What is behind all this beautiful work? And what are her dreams?

Volt Café: Where does your passion for illustrations come from?
Valerie Servais
: I suppose it comes from my relationship with it. It definitely
stems from within and is something that has grown and keeps growing in
different directions. Of course I have a great appreciation for other creative
people’s work! Drawing opens up my own world, having this little escapism just
for me is quite comforting and at times addictive.

VC: What or who is your biggest crush?
: Hehe, that’s a secret!


VC: How would you describe your illustrative style?
: I think my line is quite fragile. I like colour but I care more about line
and composition. In a way, minimalistic, but I also enjoy filling the page in
with patterns and colours. I feel there’s more space to internalise and breathe
in my minimal drawings.

VC: Where do you think being an illustrator will take you?
: I’ve always enjoyed interdisciplinary work. As an illustrator I have the
opportunity to collaborate with fellow creatives from different fields, which I
would really like to experience more of in the future.


VC: What is your background?
: I’ve been based in London for around four and a half years now. Before
moving here, I lived in Switzerland for approximately six years. I moved here
for university, but looking back now I was completely unaware of how different
the creative space I was about to dive into was. My whole approach and thought process
has completely changed since living here. I am so grateful that I had the
opportunity to live in London.

VC: What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
: Probably graduating from University. The transition from education to the ‘real
world’ has been a huge learning curve and a big accomplishment. I really
enjoyed collaborating with SHOWstudio and with some of my peers on little
projects we’ve set out for ourselves.

VC: We asked you to illustrate ‘Love’. In words, what is love for you?
: Love is one of those words that can be interpreted in so many ways and has
a different meaning to everyone. Even “love” to me means so many
different things and each one is so difficult to describe. It’s everywhere
though, if you let yourself to see it. Even now as I’m sitting here, I glance
up and everyone around me is involved or interacting with ‘love’ in some way.

VC: What are you dreaming of?
: Definitely traveling.


VC: What is the most romantic thing that happened to you?
: I don’t know if this is the most romantic but it was the first thing that popped into my head. One time, the reception at my school had a sign in front saying ‘SERVAIS URGENT’. I completely freaked out because I was living away from home so I immediately thought something was wrong. Expecting bad news, I told the receptionist who I was but then out came a bouquet of flowers with a note attached. I was so confused. I was really young at the time and I’d seen these kinds of scenarios happen in movies but it never occurred to me that it happened in real life too!

VC: What can you see in the streets of London?
: The diversity in almost every aspect from the architecture to the socks people wear. Even walking from one street to another the atmosphere can completely change the minute you turn a corner.

Words by Ellen Grace Albers and Nikki Neervens



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