Illustrations by Isabella Cotier
Design by Rebecca Hawkes

‘Volt Introduces’ eight young artists who were commissioned to illustrate ‘Love’ as fashion and art.
What makes their hearts beat faster?

As a seven-year-old child, Isabella Cotier moved from London to Florence. Her love for London led her back to this beautiful city, where she is currently based. She has a BA in Fashion Illustration and she loves capturing the spirit of unusual and outlandish characters in her drawings.

Volt Café: Where does your passion for illustrations come from?
Isabella Cotier
: When I was younger, I was obsessed with rabbits. I had a lot of them as pets. The reality of having a rabbit as a pet was not what I was hoping it would be. They weren’t cuddly and they bit me most of the time. As I got more and more frustrated with my adorable pets that I couldn’t play with, I began drawing them in fantasy worlds. I would draw me cuddling them, going out with them, having tea with them etc. They started to become random little characters in a fantasy world I created. As I got older my passion turned from rabbits to fashion. Now just like I did with the rabbits I draw images that communicate how I like to see things from my personal view. Drawing is a way for me to communicate my way of seeing.

VC: What or who is your biggest crush?
: Miro.

VC: How would you describe your illustrative style?
: As having a playful line and energy with a sense of humour.


VC: What is your background?
: When I was seven years old my family decided to move from London to Florence in Italy. I lived there till I was 17 years old. At 17, I decided to move to London to study fashion at London College of Fashion. I started out doing a degree in Pattern Cutting. My favourite part about doing design was drawing the ideas. A tutor noticed my drawings and suggested I transfer to the Fashion Illustration degree. I was so excited to find out there was a degree in Fashion Illustration and I was even more excited to realize I could make a career out of what I love doing!

VC: What is your biggest goal so far?
: My goal is to continue doing what I love.

VC: We asked you to illustrate ‘Love’. In words, what does love mean to you?
: Being able to be completely goofy with another person is love to me.

VC: What are you dreaming of?
: Either I have horrific, gory nightmares where I am chained to a radiator, kidnapped or being hunted or I have lovely dreams where I am in a bamboo forest with waterfalls, rainbow coloured parrots, pink elephants, iguanas sitting under banana trees eating bananas and people on stilts dancing around me! Those dreams are lots of fun, I love them.


VC: What is the most romantic thing that happened to you?
: Somebody once bought me a ‘make your own kaleidoscope kit’. That was pretty cool!

VC: What do you see on the streets of London?
: Grumpy people!

VC: What idea/trend would you like to share with us?
: I don’t find inspiration in one particular trend. For me inspiration comes from a mishmash of many different things whether it’s a lyric in a song, a place, a person, a character in a book or movie, a piece of art, a colour, a poem, a photograph, a design….

Words by Ellen Grace Albers and Nikki Neervens



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