Illustrations by Iga Gawronska
Design by Rebecca Hawkes

‘Volt Introduces’ eight young artists who were commissioned to illustrate ‘Love’ as fashion and art.
What makes their hearts beat faster?

Iga Gawronska is a graduate in BA Fashion Illustration from London College of Fashion, with a love for living in different cities. She originates from the intimate Łódź in Poland, than moved to the big city of lovely London and is currently living in Barcelona. Apart from drawing, she recently discovered a new passion, animation. Volt was wondering if she has any more passions…

Volt Café: Where does your passion for illustrations come from?
Iga Gawronska: Ever since I can remember, people have been my favourite subject to draw.

VC: What or who is your biggest crush?
IG: Apart from my boyfriend, I think one of my biggest crushes must be Barcelona. We moved here on a whim a couple of months ago; it was more of a spontaneous decision rather than a plan or a dream. It was great to discover it corner by corner, always seeing new things, without the tourist rush. Here the beauty and the flaws mix together and create a very honest mix. I never really thought I could fall in love with a city but having lived in London for four years I have never experienced the same longing feeling I have every time I leave Barcelona.

VC: How would you describe your illustrative style?
IG: It’s about the contrast between the detailed and seemingly unfinished. The figures disappear within the drawing encouraging the viewer to complete the blank spaces. I’m interested in the philosophical concept of ‘sous rature’ (‘under erasure’) applied in the visual arts.


VC: What chances do you see in being an illustrator?
IG: Ha ha! Next question?

VC: What is your background?
IG: I grew up in Poland, where I received a very academic and thorough art education – I’m talking still-lives, oil painting, eight hours long life drawing sessions. London College of Fashion was more focused on expressing creativity and work experience. I think the two make for an interesting mixture in my practice.

VC: What is your biggest goal so far?
IG: Short-term? I’d like to achieve a good level of Spanish in the next six months. Long-term? I’d like to become successful as a visual artist and a creative entrepreneur. I would also like to participate in the creative scene of my city in Poland – Łódź.

VC: We asked you to illustrate ‘Love’. In words, what does love mean to you?
IG: Love has so many different shades! Spontaneity, fun, comfort, acceptance, safety are some of the words that come to mind. For my illustration, I tried to go with a bit of a different perspective on the ‘love’ theme and I chose to picture the moment when you find a person that you feel you can’t stop talking to and somehow within minutes you know you can be really good friends. I find it to be a very similar feeling to love at first sight. That happened to me with Fra, who I asked to pose for this illustration the day after we met!


VC: What are you dreaming of?
IG: I’m dreaming of life filled with love and travels. I’m dreaming of a permanent indoor hippie den and a hammock in the garden. I’m dreaming of always being able to live close to the sea and new people to meet and befriend!

VC: What is the most romantic thing that happened to you?
IG: My mind goes completely blank with this kind of questions!
However, I have to say that the last summer holiday with my boyfriend was very romantic! We drove in a tiny convertible from London to Barcelona stopping in random beautiful places and sleeping on deserted beaches.

VC: What can you see in the streets of London?
IG: Energy, colour popping up on the background of the ever-grey sky, passion, both broken and fulfilled dreams, life.

VC: What idea/trend would you like to share with us?
IG: Minimalism, and I don’t only mean the clean-cut fashion but the whole idea of consuming less and owning less in order to be able to experience more.

Words by Ellen Grace Albers and Nikki Neervens



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