From a hidden basement in a pub on Stoke Newington High Street, Blaenavon played their first ever sold out gig. With a hundred friends and fans filling The Waiting Rooms to the brink, the boys wasted no time in proving themselves as one of the most promising young bands working the gig circuit.

With lyrics seemingly far too mature for a trio who haven’t even hit their twenties yet, vocalist and guitarist Ben Gregory sings with a quivering and mournful, yet powerful, voice. Starting off with their brand new single Hell Is My Head, the trio bounced between their more upbeat tracks and then slowed it down with Wunderkind, which was tinged with the sound of Jeff Buckley. Drummer Harris McMillan beats so fast it’s almost impossible to see his arms moving, whilst bassist Frank Wright’s strong, yet gracefully performed, bass lines ensure not one sound misses a beat.



Despite having only recently left school, Blaenavon have steadily been building their catalogue of music for several years, giving them a range of material to perform to a crowd that flitted between moshing and listening with great intensity in the quieter moments. Without a doubt, Prague was the crowd’s favourite track. With a simple but solid guitar riff and the balancing of impressively intricate layers, the lyrics delves deep into the psyche with lines such as “Cause there are voices in my head / people screaming you’re not dead / I’m not sure.”

With every track a mesh of euphoric high peaks, beautiful and unique vocals, intricate guitar riffs, quick drum beats and a heavy bass, Blaenavon have proved that they are destined for festival-headlining greatness. Having recently signed to Trangressive Records and with an album in the pipeline, there are high hopes for this band.

Blaenavon’s new EP ‘Miss World’ will be released on 30th October, featuring Hell Is My Head, Destiny’s Mild and Dragon.

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Words By Annie Lunnon


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