‘Volt Introduces’ ten young artists from UCA Epsom to display their upcoming graduate work.

Ariana Zappa, a freelance photographer based in London, sees the merging of fashion and fine art photography as a medium for her self-expression and explores an experimental style through a culmination of images.

Volt Café: What is the most important thing you learnt at college?
Ariana Zappa: The most important thing I learnt is that creativity has no limit. If you can back up your ideas, anything can become successful.

_Wrap Warp_-2014 Ariana Zappa

VC: Who has influenced your career the most (and why)?
AZ: I wouldn’t say that there is a specific person, but more my environment that influences me daily. It is, however, my closest friends as well as my self-motivation that gives me that extra push to continue and further develop my work.

VC: What kind of music/which artists do you listen to while working on a project?
AZ: I believe that there is a strong correlation between emotion and music, and this can guide you towards many different creative paths. It is easy to get lost in a beat, but sometimes it’s best to shut out all noises and let your imagination ‘breathe’ on its own.

_Anatomical Sculptures_-2014 Ariana Zappa

VC: If you could have a super power, what would it be?
AZ: A want that I have is to travel, so if I could have a super power it would be the ability to appear at any desired location in a moment’s time.

VC: What is you dream job?
AZ: Ultimately I would like to own and run my own jewellery company and be active in the designing process of the jewellery itself.

The work of the students will be presented during the month September. Special thanks to PUMA for their support. We’ll update you with more information closer to the date.

Images by Ariana Zappa
Words by Kama Krystel, Nikki Neervens and Hannah Sweeney


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