Who is Erik?
Name – Erik Litzén
Age –
24 years old
Home – Stockholm

Volt Café: How, when and where did you start Fashion Design?

Erik Litzén: My interest for Art and Design came early, but it was not until my late teens I realized the power of it. I remember, for example, when I was fourteen and my family and I went to Tokyo to visit relatives, I was very inspired by the way people regarded a simple thing such as the way  you present a meal or wrap a present as an art form. The idea of treating yourself and your everyday life with dignity and respect makes for a greater experience in life. The same goes for clothing, style and character.

VC: What is the story behind your collection?

EL: In this collection (my debut) I have challenged myself and my aesthetics. I work with, and am driven by the desire to offer something that I think is missing in men’s fashion today. I want to add a new kind of masculinity, one which is both elegant and playful. I like the strong visual message you can communicate with colour. I have drawn a lot of inspiration from the characters in Gregg Araki’s explosive and colourful movies. The confused, decadent and blunt L.A. teenagers in his movie ‘Nowhere’ have worked as a polarity to my obsession with sophistication and luxury.

VC: From where do you get your inspiration?

EL: I am greatly inspired by strong styles, attitudes, sex appeal and the person in the clothes. A person’s movement, way of speaking, body language and facial expression. I like to see fashion as a language and the clothes as something the wearer can use to make their message even more powerful and distinct.
I am fascinated by how clothes and style, when used correctly, can make a person grow into something greater, sometimes even larger than life.
I am interested in power dressing and dignity, and have a hard time understanding fashion’s fascination with decadence and trash.

VC: What is your working process like?

EL: I do menswear for several reasons, one of which is the possibility for me to keep my work close to me and my own character and with that also close to reality. It’s important for me that my work is easy for others to approach and make their own references to. A distinctive, simple style and posture is stronger and even more startling than the more extreme fashions you see. I work a lot with classical silhouettes and garments, and with a sort of ‘cut and paste’ technique with which I try to create something new.
For me it’s interesting to find that a lot of messages becomes stronger when they are presented in the ‘wrong’ context. During my working process I use myself as test subject, I do a lot of my research in the dressing rooms of second hand shops and by trying new ideas directly on my own body.

VC: Who is your customer?

EL: I like to see my costumer as a grown man who has realized the importance and value of making individual choices. Someone who knows how clothes and style is important when it comes to presenting a clear and distinct image of himself.

VC: Share with us! Inspiring blogs, artists, designers, etcetera.

EL: Designer Anna-Sara Dåvik www.annasaradavik.com and Artist Cajsa von Zeipel www.cajsavonzeipel.com

Words by Emelie Hultqvist


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