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Portia Ferrari has capitalised on the recent shift in the industry towards models with individuality over perfection. Signed to Anti Agency, the London based modeling agency claiming to represent young individuals who are ‘too cool to be models’, Portia has featured on the cover of ES magazine, walked for Nasir Mazhar and been hand picked by M.I.A as the face of her collaboration with Versus Versace.

Despite this success, Portia has turned her attention to other creative projects, most notably her work with Super Electric Party Machine. SEPM is the creation of Larry Tee, legend of the NYC party scene and one of the original Club Kids led by Michael Alig. Originally a club night, Larry Tee has translated the energy from the party into an album of the same name. Discovered at the club night itself, Portia not only features in the video for SexySexy with Princess Superstar but is also the vocalist on the new single Bodytalk. Volt Café talks to Portia about her involvement in the club scene and her plans for the future.

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Volt Café: Your agency – Anti Agency – prides itself on representing young people who have ‘creative careers which they prioritise above modeling’. You study hair and makeup at LCF and are starting to explore music amongst other things. How would you describe what you do currently?
Portia Ferrari: I like to get my hands on anything that relates to fashion music and art. I’m working on linking every project I do. I feel music and fashion go hand in hand and give people the same feeling – they can both cause a reaction. It was my fashion work that allowed me to discover another side of London.

VC: Are you quite clear about your goals or do you prefer to just see where each project takes you?
PF: Because I love to do so many different things, I have to go with the flow. That’s how I’ve got back into music and discovered it’s something I want to explore. There always needs to be some direction and underlying plan but I believe everything happens for a reason.

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VC: How did you get involved with Super Electric Party Machine?
PF: From going to parties like Larry’s SEPM it introduced me to people that were interested in the same things as me. They live their lives immersed in fashion, arts and music and I realised I could do the same thing with my work. It wasn’t long before Larry got me in the recording studio.

VC: The Super Electric Party Machine night has been compared to the 80’s Blitz club scene, which launched the New Romantic movement and became almost a religion for those involved. Do you feel like you’re part of something similar?

PF: I love the 80’s but I also live for the present. There are just so many things happening around east London. I try and have a balance between the party world and work but I feel I’ve been able to capture the fun and the energy of what I’ve experienced in my music and using it to take me to a different stage.

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VC: Do you feel that the current club scene is too derivative of past eras?
PF: Everything recycles – that’s another thing that makes fashion, music and parties so similar. But each time something special comes from it.

VC: The wider club scene of our generation has been criticised, perhaps partly due to the deterioration of university club culture across the nation. As someone who didn’t grow up in London, do you feel like you’re part of something quite unique now?
PF: Yes! I think young people always keep it fresh because they bring something new, something that hasn’t been before. There’s this street element that’s leaked into clubland and we’ve created LDN FAM, which is like a family full of people creative minds and ideas. Of course everyone thinks LDN stands for our city but it actually means ‘Living Dreams Now‘. It’s basically a platform for us to show off everything we have to offer, we dance, I do make up and hair…. it’s a way of combining everything and allows us to work together and offer something as a collective. A bit like the Super Electric Party Machine album is a platform for London’s new talent to be put out there.

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VC: Can you tell me what you’re working on currently?
PF: As well as the LDN FAM project, I’m finishing my degree in hair & makeup and the free time will allow me to have more collaborates with my music and I’m keen to experiment with different styles of music. I feel like the club world is constantly evolving and I know being a part of it is something incredible.

Bodytalk is released on 19th May 2014


Words by Angelica Mandy


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