Charlie Le Mindu photographed by Manu Valcarce

Charlie Le Mindu is quite literally replenishing his roots and setting up shop, well a Pop-Up Salon to be precise, in Berwick Street’s glorious gallery-cum-concept store, Machine-A. Exclusively for one day only each month,Charlie Le Mindu’s salon will be dishing out cuts and styles to those lucky enough to get into the appointment books. Let your hair down in luxury and boast about your latest holiday conquest while you become magically transformed in the expert hands of M. Le Mindu himself.

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Intent on ‘shaving’ the world in his inimitable way, Charlie lets us probe his mind for a rather unique insight into his world and how it all begun…

VOLT CAFÉ: Where/when did you first discover your love and passion for hairdressing?

Charlie Le Mindu: It was when I was a young boy… I saw how hairy my mum was and thought that I have to change the world shaving her legs and the rest, but then it was such a big project that I had to learn properly in a ‘grandmother’ salon (my favourite) how to do basic hair! I move to Bordeaux, then Paris, then to Berlin and now London just to learn lots of different hair techniques and stuff. Now my mum is perfectly shaved.

VC: East End based, we are sure your not short of inspiration, but what gave you the idea behind your latest pop-up salon venture at Machine-A?

Charlie Le Mindu: Well Stavros Karelis (the big boss) from Machine-A reminds me of my mum; when I saw his hairy legs I thought again, I had to change that, that’s the first help I gave him! I think it shaved his life and as I have to give him a trim every month anyway (he is Greek!). I decided to do some clients at the same time! Also I think Machine-A is a real fun designer and love the people working there! It is just a fun thing to do and I know for a fact its one of the best shops in London! That’s why I chose it!

VC: What attracts you to pop-up salons?

Charlie Le Mindu: It is just cool to change from place to place and my dad is a gypsy so I like to move around you know and do different things all the time.

VC: Will you ever consider a permanent setting?

Charlie Le Mindu: Yes and there are some amazing plans coming up end of the year for London!

VC: We hear you have been trained by some of the best celebrity hairdressers there are such as Vidal Sassoon, you’re now regarded as a celebrity hairdresser in your own right, but who would you most like to unleash your skills on?

Charlie Le Mindu: Not really I trained in different salons and I don’t like franchise salon as I don’t want to be part of a factory but now I only work with my own techniques.

VC: Charlie which would you say gives you most pleasure; working your scissors on a client’s mane or on one of your infamous wig creations?

Charlie Le Mindu: I love both I think client is cool I make them happy but the wigs are so big that I like them too, if I have to choose… I’ll just do wigs on clients!!

VC: What has been your favourite creation to date and what was the inspiration behind the piece?

Charlie Le Mindu: I think it’s the rose wig from my last show because I worked on it with my friend Mark from Made and he is such an amazing guy! And Lady Gaga wore it as well!

VC: What has been your Career Highlight (excuse the pun) so far?

Charlie Le Mindu: I don’t know well yes the best one is one I am doing right now for a really ‘big amusement park’! It so much fun!

VC: We have all had a hair/salon nightmare at some point in our lives… what professional advice can you give to stop us ever reliving this moment again?

Charlie Le Mindu: Don’t go to hairdresser or if you must, take Valium before or drink. It’s like a plane trip it is scary and you can cry, or it is like a hospital, even myself I don’t go to the hairdresser; only my friends cut my hair for me. It is better when it is more private like a salon/flat or apartment.

VC: Where to next? Can we expect more runway displays of your work?

Charlie Le Mindu: Yes! September fashion week!!! And big project maybe a shop for December but this is to follow!

Set your calenders! the next salon runs  over 2 days  20th/21st August

Charlie does Susie Bubble

Photograph Takahito Sasaki

Words  Zara King


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