What initially drew me to the label MOË was the amazing square clutch. So fresh and unusual to see a bag that looks like a piece of art; is beautiful; yet practical (it just slots into your hand or under your arm and stays there) and looks like no other design currently in the shops. I love the numbers on it too, 1 and 2, which according to the designer, Aliona Kononova, stands for the right to choose. Well, I’ll choose the black croc then! Although the Hermes orange one is exquisite too…

Her belts are fabulous too; she clearly has a wonderful knack of making accessories that look like the kind of one-off luxury finds you see in really upscale Parisian or New York vintage shops.  MOË, which rather fittingly means ‘mine’ in Russian, was founded in 2009 in Milan, Italy. According to Aliona, MOË is your world, the way you live your life, what surrounds you, what you want to share.  The MOË brand is represented by a collection of unique symbols.  Each symbol in the brand’s designs means something different. The heart shape means all our thoughts are validated by our hearts, the star means all is decided by the stars and the grenade is for ‘all art is explosion of the mind’! Wow!

But MOË isn’t just about accessories, Aliona has designed a chic collection as well, using geometric figures, unique shapes and angles in jersey and leather materials, all made in Italy where she currently lives when not residing in her native Russia.

A/W2011-12 is the third collection from MOË. The inspiration behind the shapes in this collection comes from many different and seemingly unrelated places. She loves Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s ‘Le Petit Prince’ and was inspired by the snake that eats the elephant, as well as the relational psychology cube test that transgresses personal imaginary world (wherein a person imagines him or herself as a cube), the star in which five rays mean five expressions of love – communication, touch, understanding, sacrifice, and the gift of attention. Simple, very beautiful and rather profound, these are all attributes that sum up Aliona’s current points of view.

All images courtesy of Lars H

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Words by Anna Bang


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's ‘Le Petit Prince’, MOË,