Men still tend to get overlooked when it comes to runway coverage, but of course you fashion-loving chaps want to know what’s in store for spring just as much as the ladies. To make it easier for you we’ve scoured the S/S13 Fashion Weeks and compacted this knowledge into a handy roundup of the major trends dominating the world of fashion this season.


More than anything it is about injecting some colour. Take a look at your current wardrobe and we bet you’ll find it packed with the same old dull colourways of black, navy, browns and grays – maybe some blues if you’re the adventurous type. Yawn. Time to try some of the great popping shades that were all over the runways, particularly at Burberry and Burberry Prorsum with cobalt blues, turquoises and yellows emerging as favourites. Even if you only add one new item to your wardrobe this season, make it a bold shade to brighten things up. It will make everything else appear fresher and hopefully spur you on to try even more. A sort of gateway-colour as it were. A simple spring knit like this fresh cardigan by Scando design company Jack & Jones from BANK will keep you warm through the extended winter we seem to be stuck with, and it’ll give your entire wardrobe a new lease of life.


Now we love a striped or bright coloured sock and have a large collection of Pantone, Happy Socks, Missoni and Paul Smith beauties. And the past few years have been all about showing off your socks. Even to wear the previously unthinkable – socks with sandals – was totally ok, thanks to Miuccia Prada back in June 2012 with her S/S13 collection and Dior Homme did something along those lines too for its S/S11 collection. As hems got shorter, or rolled up higher, designers decided to make a statement with what lay underneath.

This spring they’re doing the same thing. Hems are staying on the short side; however, the socks have been ditched. Odd at first wear, it soon feels so right, so dangerously carefree and renegade, a sort luxe version of tramp chic. This season it’s time to show off those mankles like never before. As well as keeping socks out of the equation when you’re kicking back in jeans, a major trend for going sock-free with suits emerged too. So show some skin between your dress shoes and tailored trousers, you naughty man, for a look that’s surprisingly urban.

Mankles look best framed over the top of dress shoes, boat shoes, suede shoes – NOT athletic shoes, like DURR. Don’t go barefoot with your Nikes on, you skank!

Love it or hate it there’s no way you could’ve missed the skinny jeans trend that been ruling supreme since forever. Happily 2013 could be the year we finally breathe a sigh of relief, loosen that top button and say goodbye to the skinny fad if the S/S runways are anything to go by. Looser-fitting, pleated pants are making a major comeback. So ta-ta! suffering to wear skinny jeans and ♥HELLO♥ artisan pizza!

Truly vintage-inspired, this looser trouser shape first made its mark in the roaring 20’s, with the baggy cut helping to make it easier to swing dance with the local flapper babes. Suits generally became bigger and boxier in the 30’s and 40’s as a means of making guys that were starving their way through the Great Depression look less, well, starving. Curiously, it works the other way too, a husky frame looks sleeker in a looser cut. It takes a bold man to wear a baggier cut, but if you’re unsure about giving it a try just remember that it was good enough for Bogey and Clark Gable.

Words by Anna Bang


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