Volt Café: Malgosia, you’re currently living in NYC via London and you were born in Poland. Quite the world citizen! How did you end up in NYC?

Malgosia Garnys: My parents traveled with me since I was small. I remember being in Paris, London and Amsterdam for the first time and wanting more. There is nothing more thrilling than surrounding yourself with unknown cultures and exploring them.

New York has always been a dream. After watching old Woody Allen movies I decided to follow my dreams, go and try it, and instantly found myself at home and became part of it.

VC: How does a typical day unfold for Malgosia Garnys?

MG: Everyday is full of work, castings and callbacks. I WORK! I don’t sleep… I don’t want to sleep…  and I love every second of it. My motto is ‘work hard, play harder’.

VC: You recently appeared in a short movie for Vogue Italia. How did it come about?

MG: I met Nicolette Mason – blogger/writer for Vogue Italia during one of the NY Fashion Week events. I have been a fan of her blog for a long time and we just hit it off. She submitted me to her editor who said, ‘yes, let’s feature her.’
The rest is the history… I cannot tell you how much I appreciated it and I feel so honored to be part of the Vogue history…

VC: Poland, London, NYC – which one is best and why?

MG: I loved growing up in Poland. It was very homey and family oriented. I say that I married New York City but I have a love affair with London! London is ballsy, fun, exciting and eclectic. Londoners will take chances in their fashion choices. They don’t care! There is nothing like those secret squat parties and having breakfast in Nothing Hill! They have that European culture mix that I miss! New York swept me of my feet and that is why I married it. There is nothing like spending your day in the MET or MoMA, hanging out in West Village, just sitting in Central Park, sneaking into Broadway plays, and hanging out during fashion Week. There is something magical here. Weird to say, but the oxygen here is like this tremendous push to success, you become a part of  the melting pot. You don’t want to leave as you might stop breathing. You become the New Yorker…

VC: What’s your dream project?

MG: The dream is just to act period. I just want to work with artists who are the best in their fields I could possible work with and create THAT magic so when you watch, you say, ‘She killed it’. I believe Dreams (with a capital D!) ALWAYS come through if you just keep pushing forward and don’t give up. Recently I heard that the film adaptation of ‘Shantaram’ is in the works and I will do everything that I can to play Karla (the female lead). That book changed my life.

VC: What or who would you count as your greatest single source of inspiration artistically (or even just as a way of living your life)?

MG: Art, Music, Film, Books, Life, People…. anything that gets my creative mind going. I try to constantly learn and become better and better at what I do and push myself. Not only can I become a better actor at my craft but a better person.

VC: What is the Malgosia signature look?

MG: New York City makes it easy for me. My closet is black.  It’s a clash of femininity and the controlled mess called rock’n’roll. If Rick Owens would dress Audrey Hepburn that would be me!

VC: Whom do you admire fashion-wise?

MG: I keep saying that I want to make love in Tom Ford, I adore Rick Owens and I think his avant-garde and edgy style is mind blowing. Also Emmanuelle Alt for bringing the laid back and cool look down to an earthy sexiness with her style.

VC: What have you got coming up in the future?

MG: More movies and theatre. I have signed on three movies right now and I’m working on an off-Broadway one-woman play. Life has been good and is pushing me towards great projects. Just work. Nothing else matters.

VC: What gets you out of bed on an average day?

MG: A yummy breakfast! God, I am grumpy if I don’t eat something good. I treat my every day like it would be the last. I hate to waste time. There is nothing more annoying and un-sexy than being bored. F**k it. Just have fun in whatever I do. Make magic. Then I’ve already succeeded. I do what I love, now I only want to get better and better parts.

VC: If you ever HAD to do something different, what would you choose?

MG: Funeral director. No! Just kidding… I have such a passion and love for acting and performing that I can’t imagine doing anything else. Acting is just so complex and challenging, it keeps wanting more. I have never had a Plan B. Life is to short have one.

VC: What catches your eye when you walk down the street? And do you find it is different according to which city you are in?

MG: Those glam older eccentric ladies in red lipstick, fabulous hats and spring dresses. I hope that I will be one of them when I get old. They just have this whole ‘middle finger’ attitude towards everything and I love it. I think it does not matter in what country you are in, you can see the unique anywhere. I love Japanese street style wherever I see it, I usually drool right there. It doesn’t matter whether you are influenced by Annie Hall or Johnny Rotten; it’s all about transforming yourself and use it to help you to find YOU.

Questions by Anna Bang
All colour images stills from Vogue Italia with their kind permission.
All images by Photographer Cathrine Westergaard


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