The label Veronica B Vallenes understands how to capture time.

With her S/S11 collection she made us all stop – her feminine, minimal and elegant collection mixed up with a downplayed extravagance and exoticism couldn’t be missed when it appeared on the catwalk.

The highly wearable collection with focus on cut and silhouette was Veronica’s first solo show during Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S11.

It was one of the most celebrated and praised collections and we were curious to know what she is planning for A/W11.

Volt Café: What do you like most about fashion?

Veronica B Vallenes: The way it changes and the mysterious way how suddenly everybody wants the same silhouette or the same colors at the same time.

VC: Has your background influenced your way of looking at fashion?

VBV: Yes, I guess it has. I grew up with creative parents and started sewing when I was just a little girl. I have a background in costume design, and I think you sense that in my collections too. I like building up a universe around my collections.

VC: What inspired your new collection?

VBV: I was inspired by the elegant ladylike look from the 1920`s, late 70’s and 80`s. I mixed in accents from the way people dress in exotic countries like Japan, Africa and Egypt and made it Scandinavian. I also added a poolside Riviera feel to it all.

VC: In what way has your expectations changed entering Copenhagen Fashion Week for the second time?

VBV: It feels a lot safer this time, I know what I want to do and that I am going to work with some very talented people.

VC: How do deeply involved are you with picking venue, models, music etc?

VBV: I get very involved in each step and it is very important that everything knits together to present my collection in a harmonious way.

Veronica has big goals for the future, goals that includes exciting collaborations with photographers, artists and musicians, and an expansion of the brand into men’s clothing, shoes and accessories. All of which means we are looking forward to her next collection. Make sure you catch Veronica at Copenhagen Fashion Week in February 2011.

Veronica’s 10 favourites

Designer: Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent

Film: Blade Runner

Art: Picasso

Music: Lykke Li

Club: Bakken in Copenhagen, DK

Restaurant: Bølgen & Moi, Norway

Café: Dyrehaven in Copenhagen, DK

Place: Our summerhouse on an island in Norway

Boutique: Hunting and Collecting, Brussels, Belgium

Style Icon: Coco Chanel and Chloe Sevigny

Words by Emelie Hultqvist


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