Josue, a future art student, is quite a surprise… Utterly at ease with himself socially and artistically in a way that goes beyond his 17 years. We like his self assured yet quiet-mannered way. A kind of modern Goth, head-to-toe in black.. A great style for someone so young, he is the perfect subject for any of the waiting sartorialist/bloggers to photograph.

Volt Café: Josue, you have started an art blog yet you’re still only 17. Tell us what it is called and where do you hope to go with your art?
Josue: I started this blog under the pseudonym of Osiris but now it has my real name. I created this blog one month ago to show what I do, justly I am asking a lot of myself, but the fact that people on tumblr really like what I do is a support. Although I am young, I want to share my vision, my reality.

VC: You have great a personal style and visual awareness – where did it come from? Your parents? Where do you feed your creativity in Paris?
J: Almost everything around me and how I live inspires me. Recently fashion but otherwise simply my imagination.

VC: Could you point us in the direction of an artist, a painting or a work of art that inspires you?
J: At the moment I like Jupiter and Thetis by the French neoclassical painter Ingrés.


Ryad, a late comer to modeling, fits right into the mood of today with his handsome, lived-in look. He arrives on the shoot practically camera ready… very natural, with truckloads of understated style, wearing a shabby-chic Mac, a casual shirt and trousers and the sartorial cherry on the cake for me are the endearing holes at the elbows of his cardigan and old, worn-out plimsolls.. He looks a dream! You get the picture. Ryad was not around for further questioning.


When Wael, who is also moonlighting as an actor, arrives and politely introduces himself, there is a myriad of possibilities one could imagine him to be… Anglo/Frenchman for his perfect accent and beautiful manners or an American/Italian rebel for his handsome looks, like a Hollywood idol but none would be accurate. As it turns out he is rather exotic – half French, half Egyptian.

Volt Café: With an uncanny resemblance to a certain Robert de Niro it’s no surprise you have started acting.. A face like yours is made for the screen. Tell us, Wael, how is the acting going? Do you study a method?
Wael: I’m glad you reckon that I fit right in my passion! I have studied at the Laboratoire de l’Acteur with great teachers, such as Helene Zidi and Celia Granier de Fer, they gave me a desire to go for more of this. Then I switched to the roots of acting and did an intense course under the coach Jack Waltzer. He allows you to discover your inner self as an instrument, which lets you know what you can do and how you can expose different personalities.

VC: In person you are engaging with impeccable manners, which seems to be rare amongst the youth of today (it sits well with your slightly wild undercurrent). Is it important for your character development that you look people in the eye and have a meaningful connection??
W: I’ve been told recently that I pay close attention to the people I talk to. To me, knowing that what people think inside is often readable in how they look back at you, how they act, I do observe a lot and try to listen to find out how the person fills the silence, the gestures, the onomatopoeia. Even the way someone kills silence is somehow talking. It all counts for me.

VC: Can you share a favourite French film that you love and which we may not know?
W: I love 37.2 Le Matin (Betty Blue). It’s full of good impulsiveness! And Un Singe en Hiver (A Monkey in Winter), those films relate what I’m talking about.

new botond

Botond, a post grad engineer and new face at Bananas Models,  with his shock of wavy 
hair puts me in mind of young Lucian Freud. Very natural and laid back, he takes 
direction very well.

Volt Café: Hailing from Hungary you have just finished your studies in
 engineering. But for now your personal journey is taking a different twist. You’re very natural in front of the camera, does it come easy and are you
 having fun?
Botond: Every single shoot is a new challenge to me but I try to measure up to the photographers. On the other hand, I really enjoy my work and I try to be as upbeat as I can. Basically, sometimes I feel a little bit nervous but I truly love what I’m doing.

VC: Can you share a city, private place or something a tourist might not know
about in Hungary?
B: As far as I’m concerned, I’d say that one of the most beautiful sights in Hungary is the Danube Bend seen from the Vác. Also I’d suggest Tokaj. There is an entrancing view from the top of the hill and the tourists could have a glass of our excellent Hungarian wine while they look.

VC: A simple but interesting fact about engineering that us dummies might
not know?
B: Now I have to stress that I’m not a post grad engineer yet. But  there is a funny curiosity: some of the fixtures are planned to go wrong after the expiry. (No, we don’t get it either… but it sounds unexpectedly poetic!)






Photography, words & casting  – James Muldowney
Styling – Jo Simpson
Models – Ryad, Wael, Josue & Botond at Bananas Models (Paris)

Thanks to Arnaud at Bananas Models.

Ryad wears shirt and knit jumper from Beyond Retro, trousers by TdlM is Christopher Kelly, vintage trench coat by Aquascutum

Wael wears shirt by TdlM is Christopher Kelly, knit jumper from Beyond Retro

Wael wears striped top by Satyenkumar, trousers by TdlM is Christopher Kelly, boots by Dior, hat by Albam

Ryad wears jumper from John Smedley, jacket from Beyond Retro

Josue wears poloneck by Burberry, trousers by Satyenkumar, coat by Dunhill and hat from American Apparel

Botond wears shirt by Christophe Lemaire, jacket (part of a suit) by Satyenkumar

Botond wears cashmere coat by Satyenkumar, hat by Christine Bec

Josue wears shirt by Satyenkumar


Bananas Models, James Muldowney,