GJASMANAdnan Ebo Nottingham trent university

Adnan Ebo | Nottingham Trent University

The Graduate Fashion Week 2013 was a great success. So much talent from all over the UK concentrated in one city. From fashion designers to photographers and branding graduates, everybody was there to show their work. We picked some interesting images from the Gala Fashion Show, shot by blogger and fashion writer Ashanti Jason. So take a look at what we liked and read the interview with Ashanti below!

Volt Cafe: Where are you from?
Ashanti Jason: If you mean heritage, I am Jamaican. My grandparents were born and raised in Jamaica, and they moved to London in the 60’s. I currently live in Peckham, South London.

VC: What did you dream of when you were a little girl?
AJ: I wanted to travel the world, explore, and just have adventures! I think I wanted to be the black Dora the Explorer and only just realised it. I still have intentions to visit every continent.


Angus Chiang | International Award


Angus Chiang | International Award

VC: Who taught you how to handle a camera?
AJ: I am very much self taught. I have a Canon 650d, and through experience I have learned how to take a great photograph. My main aim when taking pictures is to have the audience see exactly what I see, I hope when people look at my pictures they can almost feel like they were there. I only shoot manual, so I can adjust a dial here or a setting there to match the environment and lighting that I am in. 

VC: How did you start working for Société Perrier and SLiNK Magazine?
AJ: I no longer work for Société but I was approached to write for them as they liked my style of writing and the photography on my blog. I got introduced to SLiNK through the Fashion Editor at the time, and after a coffee with the Editor-in-Chief I was hired. My love of accessories and jewellery was apparent through the coverage on my blog, along with the quality of the pictures, and I was in.

VC: Who is your favourite designer?
AJ: Too. Hard. To. Pick. I will give you two: Sophia Webster and Kirsty Ward.

JASSKim Phillips de montfort university

Kim Phillips | de montfort university

VC: How do you describe your blog?
AJ: Style and beauty through the lens of an adorned girl. Its humble beginnings were about showcasing emerging design talent, and that is still something I strive to do, but it has evolved into a lifestyle blog and image portal that encompasses  fashion, both new and established, my catwalk photography, the events I attend, my kids, and beauty. I hope to show my readers something different, and give you a little something to think about.

Josephine Pettman Ravensbourne (2)

Josephine Pettman | Ravensbourne

JURKENNicholas Wirth Instituto Marangoni

Nicholas Wirth | Instituto Marangoni

VC: Who was your absolute favourite from this years graduates?
AJ: That is a tough one as I was drawn to a few but the actual gold winner is the one I like the more I see the work. But again, too hard to have an absolute favourite as this was a very talented year, so look at Emma Star from Rochester. In my opinion Adnan Ebo from Nottingham Trent was robbed of the Menswear Award, he truly was the clear winner.


Shauni Douglas & Olivia Creber | Edinburgh College of Art | Menswear Award


Shauni Douglas & Olivia Creber | Edinburgh College of Art | Menswear Award

Ashanti Jason 
Fashion Lifestyle Blogger/Photographer

Words by Sanne Steijger


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