Lamija Suljevic A/W10

23-year-old Lamija Suljevic is pushing the boundaries between art and luxurious fashion. She is fusing her childhood memories with romantic dreams of Paris – combining beauty and brutality.
We had a chat with this new talent and a peek into her witty and creative brain!

Name: Lamija Suljevic
Age: 23
Hometown: Stockholm
Family: Mom, dad, older sister

Volt Café: Tell us a short story about yourself.
Lamija Suljevic: I wanted to be a street sweeper when I was a child. I liked the sound of dead leaves…
VC:  How and when did you know you wanted to be a designer?
LS: It started early, as sewing at home in Bosnia isn’t exactly unusual. So it came naturally. My mom taught me a lot at home after school.
VC: What did you do before entering Beckmans?
LS: I started a fashion label at age 17. Since then I have worked in fashion full time. Now I don’t work for my old company any more; instead I work with my own projects/collections under my name Lamija Suljevic and I already have had two collections out.
VC: What was the most challenging project during your years of studying?
LS: I don’t believe there was any specific project, however I do believe I found a way of expressing my signature style and that has given me the courage to move on.
VC: What’s the story behind your current collection?
LS: My last collection was about my childhood in Bosnia. This time I almost wanted to make a continuation. My main inspiration was based on gypsies. They lived outside our home in an abandoned bus. I wanted to work with the notion of girlhood in a female body and thanks to my illustrations and collaboration with Annelie I feel that idea has come across.
VC: Who or what is your main inspiration and whom are you aiming the collection at?
LS: My main inspiration is actually my own stories, my childhood as well as old traditions and obviously the female body.
VC: How would you describe your style?
LS: No boundaries as long as it’s elegant!
VC: What’s your future goal?
LS: To be able to work in fashion.
VC: Any inspiring blogs, photographers, artists, designers?
LS: I rarely read blogs… Any free time, you will most likely find me at the library. Reading dusty old books…

Lamija’s 10 favorites
Designer – Balenciaga and Galliano
Style icon – People who dare to have their own style
Film – Sofia Coppola and Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Art – Man Ray
Music – Acoustic
Restaurant & Club – Le Rouge
Cafe – Petite France
Place – Paris
Boutique – Old Touch

Words by Emelie Hultqvist


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