It’s always refreshing to meet any young beauty entrepreneur that has achieved success at an early age; so meeting Edward Bess in person was an inspiring moment. As a beauty journalist I’m not always easily impressed, but when I had the chance to get up close and personal with one of the modern beauty world’s innovators I remembered why I love my job.  Not only is Edward a vision – his ultra thin waist, silky loose hair that any woman would die for, topped with a pair of cushion-like lips which alone could make one go weak at the knees. But he also greeted me warmly, even commenting on my lip colour, (Nude – luckily he approved of the tone!) making me feel as if we already knew each other.  I was eager to know what makes Edward Bess stand out from all the other make up ranges we are bombarded by? His answer was simple. ‘This is about a naturally seductive make up, universally flattering shades, it’s not about a million different shades but rather quality’. His summary instantly made me appreciate the brand. ‘Naturally seductive’ and ‘provocative’ were words he kept referring to, his vision of how women should style their make up was clear.
That he graduated from a theatre school and originally came from a modelling background surprised me about Edward; it made me curious how the passion for beauty had evolved. ‘Walking the streets of Manhattan, I would pay close attention to how women dress, their make up and wardrobe interested me. I was sick of seeing women messing up the shades for their faces and I wanted to create something sleek and sexy for women at any age’. Bess comes across as the kind of guy that pays attention to detail, however his concept is simple and direct, beautiful sleek sexy make up with shades that are earth toned and realistic. This make up is deliberate; it is concise, and very carefully considered.
Bergdorf Goodman’s beauty hall on Manhattans bourgeois 5th Avenue is the first place to stock Edward Bess. So how does Bess differentiate from all his competitors? For starters, you will find the brand founder at his own counter, getting hands on with his female customers, giving them advice and knowledge so that when they leave not only do have they experienced his personal touch, but they have also learnt a valuable lesson in the application of make up. I very much doubt you will find Bobbi Brown or François Nars at their counters. Edward is committed to his brand, and there is certainly no substitute from getting advice from the beauty guru himself. New Yorkers already admire his style and elegant yet humble approach, not to mention his exceptional line of make up. Being approved by renowned department store Bergdorf Goodman clearly sits well with his brand image.
One of the key elements that attracts people to his luxury line is his desire to make women look like a better version of themselves, think of this as turning up the volume a notch rather then a completely new identity. I ask Bess to share his top make up secret. ‘The centre of the face should look like a beam is pointed directly at it, making it brighter in the centre and cheek bones,’ a theory that possibly originates from his theatre background.
Moving forward to the actual cosmetics, the range is timeless and classic, and certainly not trend lead, for him it is not about creating a purple lipstick because purple is the key colour of the season. Rather it’s about a well-selected shade of red or pink, one that flatters the features of the woman, making her look seductive and sexy, but most importantly, effortless. ‘Lip wardrobe’, his initial line, which consists of 10 lipsticks and 5 glosses, is so beautiful it deserves to be displayed on a beauty table to compliment and enhance your boudoir. Textures feel lighter than a feather; not a hint of the thick glue-like feeling you sometimes get in lip glosses, instead the quality is felt as well as seen throughout the entire range.
Distinctive, precious, with more than a hint of European class, if this line were a designer garment, it would be the sexiness of Balmain meeting with the soft femininity of Celine.

Words by Maryam Asadi

Edward Bess is available from Bergdorf Goodman and Zuneta


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