The highly esteemed Institut Esthederm has introduced a new skin care concept with their latest product Essential Vital Elements or E.V.E.  Serum Source. As someone who already loves their sunscreen (super light, works and doesn’t give you spots – basic concepts really, but apparently insurmountable to the majority of skin care manufacturers) I was naturally keen to try this one. The serum is the colour of rose agate and very straight forward to use, just gently smooth it on to your face and neck and allow it to dry naturally. The effect is amazing, slightly cooling and leaves your skin feeling plump and silky smooth.

Apparently Institut Esthederm spent more than 15 years researching it and they stress that it’s not based on a high amount of anti-aging ingredients, instead it is substances that are naturally found in skin tissue. By doing this, cell function is optimized which makes the skin regenerate itself in a natural way, one that restores original quality and firmness.

E.V.E Serum Source by Institut Esthederm retails at £77 from Fenwicks and Liberty

Words by Anna Bang


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