Artist and Jewellery Designer Alexandra Jefford was born and raised in Geneva and lives in London. After studying fine art at Central St Martins, she initially worked as an artist and illustrator then began designing jewellery in 2002.
She has exhibited at White Cube, London in 2006 and Perimeter Gallery, Paris in 2008. A selection of her jewellery is presented permanently at Dover Street Market and the artist Damien Hirst’s new venture, Other Criteria.

Alexandra Jefford’s approach to jewellery is inspired by her passion for modern art and design. This is what makes her pieces not only beautiful and seductive ornaments but also objects with a conceptual edge. A very unique voice in the world of jewellery.

Volt Café: Five words that sum up Alexandra Jefford jewellery.
Alexandra Jefford: Sculptural. Colours. Graphic. Personal. Timeless.

VC: You trained as an artist before designing jewelry. Now you do both. What prompted you to branch out? And if you had to do only one of those disciplines, which would you choose?
AJ: I trained as an artist and I work as an artist, nothing has changed, just the medium. I need to do both as one feeds the other or complements the other.
And the answer as to why I branched out into jewellery, it’s a more formal, commercial outlet (or so I thought ) for my creativity and it is more rigorous. It’s another medium that I love. The materials are just fabulous to work with and connect to something ancient and primitive.

VC: What inspired your current collection?
AJ: Colour theory is one of the collections I am working on, inspired by colour theorists. I.e. Albers, Wittgenstein, Goethe and Kandisky for example.

VC: If you ever feel stuck, where’s your favourite place to go to for inspiration or to clear your head?
AJ: A holiday is a nice one, but otherwise a good exhibition, always… Or music and a good relax.

VC: Who inspires you as an artist and jewelry designer?
AJ: Many, many people, Eduardo Chillida is the one at the moment, but Ben Nicholson, Alexander Calder, Jean Arp, Alighiero Boetti, the list is long…

VC: We often end up not having time to do the one thing that attracted us to the profession in the first place – the architect doesn’t have time to sketch, the writer hasn’t read a book in weeks and so on. Is there one thing you really would like to do but can’t find the time to?
AJ: To draw much more and to weld properly.

VC: Name three women or men who to you embody the Alexandra Jefford brand?
AJ: Michelle ObamaTadao Ando. F. Scott Fitzgerald. Difficult; first people that came to mind really.

VC: What’s next for Alexandra Jefford?
AJ: Atelier Alexandra Jefford opening soon…

Words by Anna Bang


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