Lucan Layout 1

Photography & Layout: Annabelle Louise Byrne
Hair & Make-Up: Jessica Mejia
Model: Lucan at Select
Fashion Assistant: Sanne Steijger
Special thanks to Painshill Park

There’s a quiet intensity to the work of Annabelle Louise Byrne, capturing an essence in photography that is both melancholic and beautiful. Hailing from the Isle of Man, this twenty-one year old talent has honed her craft at the University for the Creative Arts and is now ready to showcase that in her own professional work. Her images have depth yet remain coquettish and fun, bringing an exciting edge to what she has to offer.

Lucan Layout 2
Lucan Layout 3
Lucan Layout 4
Lucan Layout 5
Lucan Layout 6
Lucan Layout 7Lucan Layout 8
Words by Nicholas Hayden


Annabelle Louise Byrne, Jessica Mejia, Nicholas Hayden, Sanne Steijger, select models,