Photographer | Ophelia Wynne
Stylist | Sasha Rainbow
Hair | Oskar Pera @ Radio Hair Salon using Bumble and bumble
Hair & Make up | Holly Silius using MAC

I was approached by David Wallace, Careers Advisor, at Hillview School, who had seen my work on the Underage Festival. He said, “I have 1200 girls here at the school aged 11-17, all keen to be photographed. How about a swap of services? You photograph the girls and the school as a resource, and in return give a lecture/talk/portfolio viewing to the Art Department?”

So, I began the shoot in the summer at Hillview. All the girls are high achievers and proved to be a delight to work with. I shot in many locations around the school. The sequence shot in the girls’ cloak room are one of my favourites.  I like the way the mirror reflects the girls sizing each other up. All unguarded moments. Often resulting in the best images. The girls were very interested in the entire process, helpful, enthusiastic and no doubt they felt a bit special too.

As indeed did I.

Words by Ophelia Wynne


Holly Silius, Ophelia Wynne, Oskar Pera, Sasha Rainbow,