Through a merging of music and fashion, the speed and agility of Shao Yen’s S/S16 collection is expressed perfectly. The German-French Dada artist Jean Arp’s abstract collages inspired the collection. For the presentation, Yen collaborated with Tomoko Sauvage, a Japanese sound artist who works with various-sized, water-filled bowls amplified with hydrophones (under-water microphones). It is a delicate balance between controlled and uncontrolled; this combined with the breezy, unfinished look and fluid materials of Shao Yen’s collection creates the perfect mix.


Director: Roxanne Chen Gadsby
Creative Producer: Grace Chang Tellier
Performance: Tomoko Sauvage
Stylist: Elizabeth Black
Hair: Roku Roppongi
Makeup: Maki Ihara
Casting: Elodie
Yelmani for Creartvt
Photographer: Hungchih Wang
Set design: Anna Sbiera PR: No. 10 and Dyelog
Location: 16 Villa Gaudelet 75011 Paris
SHAO YEN Design team: Choumin Tsai, Athena Yuan, Chiahui Liao, Shinchin Chang Jewellery: Niza Huang /

Words by: Sophie van Hasselt


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