Photography | Rosie Welsh
Stylist | Sophie Clark
Hair Stylist | Adlena Dignam
Make up | Jessica Mejia
Fashion Assistant | Emma Clarke
Hair Assistant | Elena
Models | Anna Tatton & Ellie Weston @Nevs, Brogan Loftus @M&P, Caleb Dobie @D1, Bradley McGill @AMCK, Roland Lepp @AMCK


This time Blow PR’s S/S12 photo shoot sees photographer Rosie Welsh merge an old aesthetic with a contemporary subject matter, using the wet plate collodion process, allowing for each image to be permanently captured by a glass plate.

By taking an antiquated process and bringing it up to date within an editorial environment, Rosie has showcased Blow PR’s designers in a very unique way, as traditionally this style of photography has mainly been used in still life and portraiture.


Adlena Dignam, amc, amck, Anna Tatton, Blow PR, Bradley McGill, Brogan Loftus, Caleb Dobie, d1, Elena, Ellie Weston, Emma Clarke, Jessica Mejia, m&p, nevs, Roland Lepp, Rosie Welsh, Sophie Clark,