Photographer Rory DCS
Stylist Sam Voulters
Make Up Xabier Celaya
Hair Ben Talbot
Models Angelica Bjornsson and Jermaine @ D1
Assistants Machiko Abe, Yui Pang

Design Rebecca Hawkes

The successful and unique collaboration between BLOW Presents and Volt Café has now produced a third set of images. There’s something innately pleasing about being able to bring the brilliance of happening, creative youth to the fore and exposing this talent in both a fresh light and within a new platform.

BLOW PR teamed up with Photographer Rory DCS and Stylist/Fashion Editor Sam Voulters to create a set of photos which were shot on the roof of BLOW’s central London office.

Among the designers featured this season are London favourites Fanny & Jessy, who have a great t-shirt range out now. Also Asher Levine, a New York based designer, whose collection is inbetween the animal and human world, and Reid Peppard, a vegan working under the moniker RP/encore , who creates bespoke ethical taxidermy art and jewellery out of road kill and found dead animals.


Asher Levine, BLOW, Fanny & Jessy, Reid Peppard, Rory Dcs, RP/encore, Sam Voulters,