Fashion is about inventing the future. However this statement isn’t in line with the desire for nostalgia that has been dominating fashion over the last years. It’s almost impossible to name a decade of the 21st century that hasn’t been excessively revisited and reinterpreted. Even our image of the future today is still largely a tribute to an 80’s aesthetic. However, a new generation of designers with an infectious excitement and an uninhibited curiosity for the unknown is about to change this. Among them is the talented tailor and digital designer Alex Mattsson.

At first hand, it might come as a surprise that Alex Mattsson’s S/S13 collection is inspired by science fiction, future-tech and UFO sightings. None of the static robot armours, electric devices or starry galaxy prints can be found in this collection. Even though Alex loves films like Blade Runner and Watchmen, his designs don’t refer to that retro view on the future that so many other designers can’t look beyond. Combining the supernatural and area 51 military dress with hiphop and youth culture influences, he creates a unique aesthetic that he strikingly phrases himself as ‘Alien Minimalist’

Although Alex does not make use of any of the symbolic language, the inexplicable energy generated by an encounter with a parallel universe radiates from his work. His prints communicate on an emotional wavelength. They create the impression that none of us is born for earth’s dimensions. It’s the ‘living life in a daze’ feeling, evoked by his designs, that is highlighted in this exclusive shoot for Volt Café.

Words by Juliette Sijnja

Photography | Daniel Thomas Smith
Illustrations | Mat Maitland
Styling | Justine Josephs
All Fashion | Alex Mattsson
Hair | Michael Jones using Bumble and Bumble
Make-up | Sofia Bermudez
Model | Oliver Greenall at Elite London
Layout | Juliette Sijnja


Alex Mattson, bumble and bumble, Daniel Thomas Smith, Elite London, Juliette Sijnja, Justine Josephs, Mat Maitland, Michael Jones, Oliver Greenall, Sofia Bermudez,