Award winning designer João Pedro Filipe, creator of the men’s footwear and accessories label senhor PRUDÊNCIO , has delivered yet another impressive collection, HOMÓNIMA S/S15, which was presented during last months London Collections Men at Victoria House.

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His designs celebrate the traditional craftsmanship, techniques and careful production of his home country Portugal, where João Pedro Filipe still works from today. While celebrating classical designs and high quality footwear, senhor PRUDÊNCIO exquisitely reworks elements of each piece with modern and original detailing.

For the S/S15 collection senhor PRUDÊNCIO is paying homage to two Portuguese artists from beyond the fashion world. Architect Pancho Guedes has inspired the geometric attention Filipe has given to each design, while the playfulness of colour in the collection comes from the geometric abstractionist painter Nadir Afronso.

Many of the traditional techniques used in Filipe’s designs have been passed on by the designer’s grandfather, the original Senhor Prudêncio, , a celebrated local cobbler in Portugal back in the 50’s. He would take measurements of each customer’s feet, then would get to work making every single pair of shoes by hand.  Once he had completed each design, he would fill his canvas sack and personally deliver them to ensure each faultless shoe perfectly fitted its new owner.

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Senhor PRUDÊNCIO  adheres to the ‘Made in Portugal’ ethos which is to be applauded and supported, ensuring that his shoes are made using traditional construction methods throughout every stage of production. Each pair of shoes undergo a series of treatments that ensures it will last a lifetime.

For this collection senhor PRUDÊNCIO  has also collaborated with Foffa Bikes, to create one of their trademark bicycle case designs, which offers a more urban and casual feel to the collection when presented beside one another but again pays homage to Filipe‘s grandfather and his heritage.

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Since the launch of senhor PRUDÊNCIO  in 2010, Joao Pedro Filipe has been on a roller coaster of recognition from major foundations such as British Fashion Council, where he won the young designer award, as well as the Fashion Entrepreneur Award at Guimaraes 2012 Fashion Hub. This confirms the dedication of Filipe’s work and we look forward to seeing senhor PRUDÊNCIO  at the capsule shows in Berlin and Paris as well as at Man Tokyo over the next few months.

words by Danielle Westwood
Images by Tim Hill & James Finnigan
Styled by Laura Walters


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