Art Director Phillip Cooper is known for his wide range of collaborations and diverse work ranging from small scale designs to large installations. His avant-garde approach always gives projects an interesting twist, which make Phillip Cooper an artist to remember. His previous collaborations have included Selfridges, V&A and Dover Street Market.

His latest project will take place this weekend at the King’s Cross’ “Journeys” festival, collaborating with the company Produce. Here, Cooper’s imaginative and conceptual designs will come to life. A parlour and workhouse will be recreated on site, reverting modern day King’s Cross into the golden days of the Victorian era. Cooper has a great eye for surrealist details, making him the perfect candidate to direct this fantasy-tinged event. As King’s Cross is transformed into a theatrical event for the weekend, we are sure that Cooper’s work will enhance the Victorian extravaganza atmosphere. We look forward to get intrigued and surprised by Cooper’s work once again.

Words by Lete Hulscher


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