How did the British home look in the 90’s?
Martin Parr explored 50 households of different races, genders and range of ages for the creation of 90’s documentary ‘Through the Keyhole’ in collaboration with Nicholas Barker. While Barker was responsible for the film, Parr took stills while on set to create the ‘Signs of The Times’ photography collection, providing an entertaining and witty answer to this question.


“We keep buying things thinking ‘that’ll look better’ and it just doesn’t.” Each photograph has a caption that had been quoted on set – most of which are amusing and lets us recognize thoughts we still share in 2014.

Martin Parr 2

The Signs of the Times” will help you to reminisce about the 90’s, a decade where power dressing met adolescent punk style. Many people say that the 90’s were the ugliest time in fashion; this can also be said about interiors. It is clear in each photo that the subjects have added personal touches and put a lot of care into their houses, this imperfection paired with Parr’s sarcastic tone throughout is why we love this exhibition!


Parr said “When people laugh and cry at the same time when looking at my pictures, that’s precisely the reaction the pictures evoke in me. The things are neither fundamentally good, nor bad. I am always interested in portraying both extremes.”


The photographer, who has shot for Paul Smith and Louis Vuitton, shows us how something as simple as a British household can be entertaining and interesting. The ingredients for this are his simple approach to photography and a hint of cheekiness.

Go and experience this throwback exhibition to see what kind of emotions it evokes in you!

Martin Parr | Signs of the Times

30th August 2014
3-5 Swallow Street
Admission: Free

All images @ Copyright © Martin Parr/Magnum, courtesy Rocket Gallery

Words by Sarah Tobias and Shannon McMullin


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