Toby Leigh has spent the last ten years photographing one of the most recognizable (and copied) prints in fashion – Burberry’s beige, black, red and white tartan. The chase shouldn’t have been too hard; ever since the late 90’s, the pattern has been replicated and counterfeited in such manner that it went from an aspirational symbol of British fashion and heritage to being a sign of pseudo-luxury and ‘chav’ culture.

Inside ‘Berberry’ you’ll find faux Burberry check in every shape or form. From mass produced clothing, cars, tattoos, birthday cakes to iPhone cases, toilet seats or even painted on buildings, the book gathers over one hundred photographs documenting the phenomenon.










“I’ve always had a fascination with fake products,” says the illustrator and photographer. “Especially things that are so unashamedly fake that they become really funny but also quite beautiful. About ten years ago, I started seeing the pattern appearing everywhere as I walked around London and would find myself laughing a lot.”

Berberry’s launch party, hosted by the book’s producer Ditto Press, takes place on December 3. For more details click here, or get the book from Toba Shop.


Photography Toby Leigh
Words by Isabel Nascimento


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