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Yusra Makhdoomi, a recent graduate from Chelsea College of Arts studying Textile Design, created beautiful compositions, textures and materials inspired by a collection of her family’s old photographs.
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Instead of focusing on the people in the photographs, Makhdoomi detached them from their personal and sentimental value. The domestic and interiors spaces were her focus points, which had the side effect of blurring the boundaries of textile design. Said Makhdoomi, “It’s a modernist approach, abstracting them further and further from their original state. It became a way for me to reinterpret and negotiate between notions of tradition and modernity, the tradition coming from the old photos and the more modern aspect through my design process.”
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Makhdoomi’s work is a balance between simplicity of form, shape and colour and ornament and decoration. Making collages is essential in her process; in this way she explores colour and surface sensitivity. Screen printed fabrics, embellishment, bonded surfaces and oversized photographic prints are brought together with digitally embroidered fixings.
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Her final material choices, prints and techniques are very evocative of fashion and definitely have the potential to be further developed into a larger fashion collection where colour and surface quality take precedence.
Yusra Makhdoomi’s online portfolio: www.yusramakhdoomi.com
Words by Sophie van Hasselt


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