We all want to be healthy and glowing. Obviously exercising is a very important part of that but sometimes tricky to fit in to a busy lifestyle. The approach of winter doesn’t make that any easier. So when you see an active wear brand that looks really great, with clothes you could easily imagine wearing outside the gym, off track or away from the yoga studio – maybe even to draw a little attention to that newly buff body or emerging toned arms – it just makes the whole working-out thing a little more doable. Let’s face it, anything that makes it more seductive to actually get your butt of the magnetic sofa or facilitates swinging by the gym at the end of the working day (as you’re already wearing part of the gear) has got to be a good thing.

After all, is there anything sweeter than hearing ‘Wow! Have you been working out?’

New label WORK OUT LIFE is all about integrating sport into fashion in a way that looks attractive and part of your everyday life. Looking at the actual clothes, it is no surprise to find out that the creative director, Ebru Ercon, is ex-Central St Martins, and has worked both for adidas by Stella McCartney as a senior in-house consultant designer and consulted to Hussein Chalayan for PUMA.

At the end of the day, it’s all about simplifying your life. We like to look great for our everyday life, why should our gym or yoga time be any different? To make it easier they’ve very kindly divided it into 3 sections: WORK, which is high performance wear for the gym, yoga, running and spinning, all activities that (if done right) really need performance fabrics rather than slogging it out in some saggy leggings from TopShop. Sweat and cotton just isn’t a happy mix.

OUT is for a more fashion-y take on workout kit, featuring medium to high impact but still chic performance wear with a mixture of more directional fashion pieces to match. Perfect for that ‘boardroom to yoga studio transitional move’!

And finally LIFE, the sophisticated basics and modern trackies for slouching elegantly in some jet set location. Purr! Now look at you…


Words by Anna Bang


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