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As part of Stockholm Design Week, the Romanian Cultural Institute in Stockholm has invited Romanian Design Week to curate an exhibition at its premises. The result, an exhibition enticingly called Wood & Wool, celebrates these tactile natural materials and the creativity that surrounds them. Wood & Wool invites you to take a moment out to reflect on our everyday life. The more virtual impulses occur in our lives (lives whose creativity can sometimes be threatened by becoming a tad routine) the more tactile we become. Similarly, the more we travel, the more we rediscover local resources. This constant individual conversation between regional roots and universal practices improves the important and necessary dialogue between craft and design.

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The starting point for Wood & Wool was a desire for young Romanian designers to embrace the skills of traditional craftsmanship, interlinked with a deliberate choice of natural materials. Bringing together the works from 23 Romanian designers, the exhibition focuses on the presence of natural materials, craftsmanship and local creativity in contemporary societies and investigates the new functions that wood and wool, primeval materials used primarily for protection – be that as garments or shelter – receive in a contemporary aesthetics.

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To highlight the ongoing dialogue between heritage and skilful craftsmanship in Romania, the exhibition showcases both recent works and traditional objects from The Romanian Peasant Museum.
 Natural dyes, craft, handmade objects, folklore patterns and traditional processes are kept part of the current identity and translated through design into objects for everyday use. Wood & Wool took its core starting point around this translation.

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During the exhibition the Romanian Cultural Institute has organized a talk on the main tendencies in Romanian contemporary product design. Dennis Dahlqvist, art and design critic, Atilla Kim, architect and artistic director, and Irina Florea, producer of Romanian Design Week, will look upon the inspiration from material and immaterial folk culture, the use of local accessible materials and the contemporary understanding of handcraft. This talk takes place on 11 February at 6.30 PM.

Wood & Wool is a project in conjunction with Romanian Design Week. The exhibition was made possible in collaboration with The Romanian Cultural Institute in Stockholm and with the support of The Romanian Peasant Museum.

Wood & Wool features works by 
Adina Marin, Alexandra Constantinescu, Ana Botezatu& Tina Nodes, Arhidot Design, Atelier Brut, Bogdan Ciocodeica & Diana Roșu, Carla Szabo, Doru Dumitrescu, Dragoș Motica, Eliza Yokina – SYAA, Form&Function, Grigore Mitrea, Klara Veer, Lidia Puică, Mădălina Teler, Mihai Stamati, Monotremu, Oana Coarfă – Cabinet, Prototip, Ruxandra Sacalis, Valentina Vidrașcu, Vlad Nancă, The Awesome Project.

Romanian Contemporary Design
6th February –  8th March
Romanian Cultural Institute in Stockholm
Skeppsbron 20

Words by Anna Bang


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