Wolfgang Tillmans, Iguazu, 2010

To mark the reopening of the Kunsthalle Zürich in its new permanent home in the Löwenbräukunst complex in Zürich, the gallery presents a solo exhibition by Wolfgang Tillmans.

Wolfgang Tillmans, Astro Crusto

This is a reunion with an artist who presented his first institutional exhibition at the Kunsthalle Zürich back in 1995. Since then Wolfgang Tillmans, who was born in Germany in 1968 and who lives and works in Berlin and London, has tested and expanded the possibilities of photography in varied ways through his photographic and video works. His photographs range from portraits, still-lives, landscapes and sky photographs to scenes involving subcultures and the circulation of goods, spaces of living and transit; they initiate a discourse on issues that affect the contemporary world as a whole.

Wolfgang Tillmans, Tukan, 2010

Along with his latest abstract pieces, the exhibition Neue Welt (New World) presents photographs from the artist’s new group of works of the same name, which were created over the course of many journeys. They are here collected for the first time in a comprehensive show.

Wolfgang Tillmans | Neue Welt
Till 4th November 2012
Kunsthalle Zürich
Limmatstrasse 270
8005 Zurich

Words by Anna Bang

Wolfgang Tillmans, Kilimanjaro

Wolfgang Tillmans, Neue Welt

Wolfgang Tillmans, Tarsier


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