The Haywain Triptych

All Visual Arts gallery in King’s Cross is probably my favourite gallery in London. The space is very tardis-like, magically adapting itself to the size of the work presented. Who can forget the majesty of Kate MccGwire’s Bound or the engrossing wondrousness of Charles Matton’s Enclosures? These are just two of many stand-out AVA exhibitions that instantly springs to mind. Next up is Wolfe von Lenkiewicz’s interpretations of Hieronymus Bosch. Lenkiewicz has been described as an unbound geneticist-turned-artist and a contemporary iconoclast. His latest exhibition is a series of contemporary paintings augmenting the works of the 15th-century Dutch artist, through the subtle inclusion of 20th century cultural references, investigating ideas of authorship and originality in art.

Creation of the World

Expect fanciful notions and your brain being messed with – his work is definitely not the kind you can just breeze past as you mentally pat yourself on the shoulder for having covered another exhibition on your ‘to-do’ list. Instead immerse yourself and prepare to be both rewarded and delighted.

7th September – 4th October 2012
All Visual Arts
2 Omega Place
London N1 9DR
Opening Times:
Tuesday – Saturday
10- 6pm

All images by Wolfe von Lenkiewicz by kind permission of All Visual Arts
Words by Anna Bang

Garden of Earthly Delights


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