MTWTFSS S/S 10 collection (mondaytuesdaywedesdaythursdayfridaysaturdaysunday)

The concept store Weekday started up in Stockholm, Sweden when Örjan Anderson founder of the jeans brand Cheap Monday gathered a couple of friends who all felt something was  lacking in the Swedish fashion world. They missed a store in-between high street fashion and niche brands – so they decided to create it themselves.Weekday became a hit from the very beginning  – the mix of their own brand, favourite designers and new upcoming talents all at a good price charmed the Swedes. They now continue to grow with recent store openings in both Denmark and Germany.

Their own brand MTWTFSS (mondaytuesdaywedesdaythursdayfridaysaturdaysunday) consisting  each season of 3 innovative  silhouettes, is this season strongly inspired by  90’s youth culture and  new wave music videos with their typical moving shadows.

Each season Weekday showcases  new interesting collaborations with both established and  upcoming designers, S/S 10 sees Peter Jensen, Laura Mackness and Oden Wilson creating  some wonderful pieces.

The quirky Danish designer Peter Jensen now living in London made a 70’s inspired collection based on his own childhood memories. Peter who left Denmark a long time ago says ‘…we romanticise our childhood and place of birth the longer we are apart from it…’

Peter Jensen S/S 10  for  Weekday

Laura Mackness  is a Leicestershire girl, who graduated from Central St Martins in London. She created a collection using witty drawings of  faces and eyelashes, inspired by the book ‘Face to Face’ by artists Jean and François Robert. The book is a collection of funny illustrations, beautiful & simple photography and playful ideas, all of which are reflected in her collection for Weekday.

Lauara Mackness S/S10 for Weekday

Oden Wilson from Hertfordshire also attended Central St Martins in London, after his degree he went on to intern at  Hussein Chalayan and Balenciaga and is now working for Marni in Milan. For Weekday Oden designed  the collection ‘Z-Twist’ where he cleverly  mixes  advanced technical structures and contemporary elegance.

Oden Wilson S/S 10 for Weekday


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