Jude Law, Jonny Lee Miller and Sharleen Spiteri love her work, and so do we. Meet Nina Fowler, who is inspired by the Golden Hollywood era, depicting movie stars often in a life size scale while simultaneously revealing the dark underbelly of stardom. The inherent concern of her work is desire, sometimes simply in the form of the impossible yearnings that exist between the icon and the fanatic, whilst at other times asking the viewer to question more deeply the intense self-deceptive seduction of our idols. We got the change to have a chat with Fowler at the Leontia Gallery where she is exhibiting her work until the 10th of November.

Volt Café: Can you describe your work in 3 words?

Nina Fowler: Sensual, adoring and violent.

VC: Why do you like working around the theme of fame?

NF: I am interested in the dark and contradictory side to fame and the public’s increasing fascination with the downfall of the shining star. I like to remove these icons from their medium and situation, placing them in new, troubling contexts.

VC: Can you still be inspired by the celebrities of these days?

NF: In general, I find today’s ‘celebrity’ completely uninspiring but I believe my work discusses contemporary notions of fame by deploying the smokescreens of golden era Hollywood and other arenas such as bullfighting and dance.

VC: What is your super power?

NF: The sharpened tip of my pencil.

VC: What is your favourite piece you have made so far?

NF: I don’t have one favourite piece. I would not exhibit anything I was not entirely happy with it. I listen to Bob Dylan “…she’s got everything she needs, she’s an artist, she don’t look back”.

VC: What are you working on at the moment?

NF: A book about my work and collected texts entitled ‘Measuring Elvis’, published by The Cob Gallery.

Keen to see more of her work? Visit the ‘There and Now’ exhibition at Leontia Gallery, 73 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4QS or pamper yourself with an original drawing at



Words and video by Sophie van Hasseltt


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