Singer, songwriter and model VV Brown and photographer Lola Peach have launched a great new enterprise – the e-commerce site VV Vintage. It is really encouraging to notice the focus on upcycling and sustainability within fashion, which sits very nicely alongside the carefully sourced vintage pieces from all over the world. By working with the freshest talent in art, design and fashion, VV Vintage is unique in being able to offer exclusive lines from these emerging talents as well as bespoke customized pieces. VV Brown, who is known for her singular and quirky sense of style, personally approves each item available on the site and is proactive in seeking fresh and exciting people to work with.

VV Vintage also allows customers to participate and purchase across a number of alternative platforms outside of the shop. DWO (Design with Oxfam) is an Oxfam endorsed program where emerging talent will customize and upcycle pieces donated by Oxfam. DWO designers will be constantly changing, allowing site users an ever-evolving window into the scope and variety of creativity within the field of sustainable and ethical fashion. And there is an ‘Ambassadors‘ section where specially selected style ambassadors across the UK source the best vintage pieces, bringing their individual aesthetics together to create a one stop shop, streamlining the creme de la creme of vintage and making it available both nationally and internationally. All this sounds phenomenally exciting and tempting – not only do you get clothes that are personalized but you also encourage emerging talent. As for the vintage – great vintage has become so hard to find it really makes sense to get the professionals to source it for you.

Words by Anna Bang


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