Our final girl of the UCA three is the lovely Rosie Cartwright. Rosie is a 22-year-old Northerner who has been living in London since she started her degree. Since graduating in the summer, Rosie has started working at LGA Management London as Agent and Production Assistant. As well as focusing on her new job, she is undertaking a lot of freelance work to develop her photography aesthetics.

Rosie specialises in photography and image making.

Check out her work at: http://cargocollective.com/Rosiecartwright 

Rosie Cartwright

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What are the most important characteristics of a designer / photographer today?

For me personally it’s less about the individuals themselves and more about the work they produce. I think it’s important to remain relevant and sincere within your practice. Especially with photographers, I like to see images that are honest and have truth to them.

Where does style end and guise begin?
I believe style is a way of thinking, almost like a lifestyle or philosophy and with guise it’s more about the exterior or how you want to make something look. I think it used to be obvious to see who had true style and who didn’t. These days it’s really easy to buy into a certain look – you can walk into a shop and buy a whole outfit that’s already been put together on a mannequin and be instantly stylish. So I guess now it’s harder to see where one ends and the other begins.

What was the last drink you ordered in a bar?
A Skinny Bitch

What do you miss in the clothing industry?
Decent leather jackets. I haven’t found a really amazing one for a few years now.

Tell me three words starting with “S” than characterizes your work?
Subversive, Stylistic, Straightforward

Optimist or realist?

What is the number one on your bucketlist?
To go on a Hot Air Balloon ride in Los Angeles.

What would you say to sell a wooden saucepan?
I’d probably just say it belonged to Britney Spears. Didn’t someone buy a piece of her chewed gum for like $10,000 on eBay once?

When was the last time you were really happy and why?
Last night when I got out of Waterloo Station. Worst pile up of commuters I’ve ever seen.

Tell us three trivial things about yourself?
I don’t drink hot drinks, I’m very particular and I’m always on trains.

If you were a fast food restaurant, what one would you be and why ?
Five Guys – because it’s amazing and has every single variety of Coke.

When school is not stealing your life away, where will we find you?
Well I’ve graduated now, but if I’m not in the office I’m normally at some sort of art event/exhibition, at a gig, or in the pub.

Have you found your artistic aesthetic yet? Enlighten us?
I think as an artist your aesthetic changes and develops all the time. I do think I’ve found it in a sense. It used to depend on what I was influenced by at the time but I feel now it’s more focused. I know what I like and what I don’t like.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully working in another amazing city – New York maybe. Who knows!


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