As part of VOLT Introduces, this week we have chosen three talented girls from UCA who surprised our eyes at the recent Canvas event.

Our second lovely lady is Nadina Cameron, a 22 year old powerhouse whose been living it up in London for the past few years. Nadina is currently working as a teaching assistant with her goal of becoming a photography teacher in the future. She keeps her self busy by juggling her day job with freelance work in graphic design and photography. She also intends to start a creative business with her partner who is a car designer (cool combo huh?).

Nadina is a refreshing and unqiue fashion photographer and we love her! Check out her website to have a gander or get in touch here:

Nadina Cameron

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What are the most important characteristics of a designer / photographer today?
I would say innovation is key, with a drop of reason and a dash of surprise.

What was the last drink you ordered in a bar?
A round of Tequila shots to kick start the weekend.

Tell me three words starting with “S” than characterizes your work?
Seamless, surprising and strategic

Optimist or realist?

What is the number one on your bucket list?
Dipping my toes in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

When was the last time your were really happy and why?
Sunday, I got given roses. I get really love watching them age and darken in colour.

If someone would film your life till now. What would be the title and who would play a main role next to you?
Gigi- The girl with the long neck filled with a barrel of laughs. I guess my boyfriend he puts up with me.

If you were a fast food restaurant, what one would you be and why?
‘Oh my Cod’ I love a fishy joke

Have you found your artistic aesthetic yet? Enlighten us?
I’m enjoying exploring and challenging myself to create different styles through my work, so not yet its still playtime.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Developing my skills outside of the UK and exploring my interests in astronomy.


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