Volt launched their first app transforming the editorials of the issue 14 into artwork.
‘Volt Introduces’ ten young artists who were commissioned to interpret ten editorials from Volt 14 into a vision of their own, using illustration, film, animation and photography, with illustration as the focal point.
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To get to know the young talents more, we had a short interview with them.

Let us introduce: Photographer Jakub Oleskevic


Volt Café: Where do you get your inspiration?
Jakub Oleskevic: I am mostly inspired by the process itself. I don’t really overthink what I am doing, I just let myself go and experiment, and I think that’s when it becomes exciting and inspiring. It’s like a creative cycle where I get inspired by what I am seeing on the screen while editing or illustrating and this drives me to go further. I am very excited by all the digital opportunities we have to create an image.

VC: How would you describe your work?
JO: My work is a blend of illustration, graphics and photography. I take pictures of things that catch my eye, and then digitally I start working and playing with them. I believe often it is hard to say if what I make is a photograph or an illustration, but for me, this blend of mediums is extremely exciting.

VC: What would you like to tell to the world with your work?
JO: I don’t really aim to bring a message across. I am a self-taught photographer and mostly what I do is study and experimentation. Nevertheless, I like when people can’t really understand how a picture was taken, or what is on the picture. I appreciate if people stop for a second and think about what it is that they are looking at.


VC: What are your biggest achievements so far?
JO: I am extremely honoured to have done my design internship at Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio in London, this has been one of the most eye opening experiences in my life.
Being a self-taught photographer I am very blessed to have had my work showcased. The most exciting being a feature in Daniel Brown’s interactives for the Le Printemps vitrines in Paris.
And most recently, I have been selected to be published in the ‘New Dutch Photography Talent 2014’ book, as one of the young, new talents in Holland.

VC: In your work is fashion film/animation an art form or purely as means to document?
JO: It’s definitely both. Though for me the most exciting aspect about fashion is its ability to express. Fashion makes a character, fashion makes a scene, fashion is story on its own. Fashion screams, fashion scares – I find fashion extremely expressive.


VC: What do you think is the future for fashion film/animation?
JO: I am very excited to see fashion film develop further in the future. It seems like it might be the new platform to express and show fashion on and I think the fact that it incorporates movement and sound is already way more captivating than just a picture. Doing my internship at SHOWstudio, the home of fashion film, I definitely saw what a huge creative and commercial potential fashion film has. And now especially, with the rise of internet and such easy way to share information, fashion film is definitely on the rise.

VC: Are there any fashion houses particularly that inspire you?
JO: Gareth Pugh has been one of my biggest inspirations in fashion since I was a young boy. I am very excited by conceptual fashion, by designers treating fashion as art and with every collection striving to reach new levels of creativity.

VC: What do you think of London’s fashion scene? Are you inspired by the people on the streets?
JO: I think London is one of the most exciting fashion capitals. I am very happy that in London creativity is often top priority when it comes to design, and this makes the whole scene extremely exciting. I think it also fuels the people – often I feel like London is a hub for creativity, where everyone inspires each other and encourages each other to take risks. I think Londoners have a great fashion sense. In general I feel like quirkiness and style is something very natural to English people.


Interview by Regina Sepp


Jakub Oleskevic, Regina Sepp,