At VOLT, we love young talent, so we’ve decided to feature our three favourite students from the Canvas event a few weeks ago. All three of them have just graduated the BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion & Imaging course at UCA Epsom and have a bright future in the industry to come. It’s a bit of a girl-power moment with these fresh and inspiring ladies.

The first of our wonderful three is Scarlett Giannotti. Scarlette is 22-years-old and graduated this past summer. She has recently secured herself a position working for ASOS Magazine (yay)! Scarlett specialises in styling, however, art directs all of her own private projects and is confident to take the creative lead, yet still remaining a great collaborator.

If you love her stuff as much as we do, she is open to any opportunitues, so check out her site here:

Scarlett Giannotti

What are the most important characteristics of a designer / photographer today?
Be ambitious, passionate, innovative and open-minded, combine your artistic and creative skills – inspiration is all around you.

Where does style end and guise begin?
For me my style and guise begins with a memory or photograph. As a 90’s kid, a lot of my Art Direction and Styling has this decade’s flare. I have to ground myself sometimes otherwise my imagination can go off on an unrealistic whim!

What was the last drink you ordered in a bar?
I’m a bubbles kind of girl – Prosecco.

What do you miss in the clothing industry?
I miss the catwalk shows that make you question where the inspiration of the entire collection came from. Shows that you don’t ‘get’ first time around. I don’t think anyone is able to top the mystery, depth and ore of Maison Martin Margiela – he’s forever faultless, even in his non-existent self. A lot of designers are now celebs themselves and sometimes their designs may do well off of their reputation/persona alone…. Martin Margeila lets his designs do their own talking portraying his hidden identity through the models by covering their faces, his shows are not a celebrity endorsement, he is ‘never seen’.

Tell me three words starting with “S” than characterizes your work?
Sensual, Subconscious, Self.

Optimist or realist?
Realist, always realistic.

What is the number one on your bucketlist?
Currently it’s spending my upcoming birthday weekend Shopping in Paris!

What would you say to sell a wooden saucepan?
This perfect piece of art cannot be labelled in it’s usage, it’s natural material, shape and texture is perfect for being creative with what you use this beautiful vessel for.

When was the last time your were really happy and why?
I am a happy person generally and maintain a positive outlook on life. Most recently I have graduated, secured a job with the Fashion Team at ASOS Magazine and as said earlier, I am going to Paris for my Birthday yay!

If someone would film your life till now. What would be the title and who would play a main role next to you?
Oh Gosh – If someone had filmed my life up until now! I can guarantee it would be a novel that would win a Grammy. Many people have come in and out of my life, there has been lots of mayhem and I have so many stories to tell….. I would say my Mum would be the person to play the main role next to me, it may be a cliché but I would not be where I am today without her, as much as we are different, she has taught me so much about life. The title hmmm… Life Of A Fashion Student…….

Tell us three trivial things about yourself?
Last night I watched the Disney cartoon movie Tangled….. I’m still a daydreamer oohh and I love Chocolate!

If you were a fast food restaurant, what one would you be and why?
YO SUSHI – my close family and friends will get this one. I could eat Sushi all day everyday and am addicted to Soy Sauce. So I would say the amount of Yo Sushi I do actually consume I think naturally I would just evolve into this Fast Food chain restaurant.

When school is not stealing your life away, where will we find you?
Partying! There is a side to me that loves picnicking, attending exhibitions or simply watching movies in bed all day and of course shopping….. But I love to go out, dance and have fun with my friends – that’s what makes me happy!

Have you found your artistic aesthetic yet? Enlighten us?
I would say I have for now at this early stage in my career and I am happy with the results of the recent projects I have worked. But, as an artist you are forever growing and evolving. I am ambitious and very self-critical of my work so always want to do so much more and I believe my style will develop with me as I move forward.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would love to eventually be working for myself as a Personal Stylist with a strong Clientele.


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