With Volt’s latest issue out now, it’s time to turn the spotlight on our talented contributors which made the latest issue as stunning as it is. Short interviews have taken place, sharing our contributors thoughts and interests. Read here about photographer Tomas Falmer who shot the editorial “Through a glass darkly” featured in issue 14.

Volt Café: Did you always want to be a photographer? Or did you end up in this field by accident?

Tomas Falmer: I always knew I wanted to do something creative. I took an art foundation class and I realised I was hopeless at everything except taking pictures.

VC: In the Volt Magazine fashion editorial “Through a glass darkly” your photography seems quite dark and edgy. Could you describe your personal style to us?

TF: I don’t think my style in general is particularly dark but for this story in Volt Magazine we wanted to do something that felt very Scandinavian but with a dark twist.

VC: We are very curious about your work process. You have a wide range of women’s and menswear photo-shoots. Is there a big difference between shooting womenswear and menswear?

TF: I really like the mix of doing both women’s and men’s. It keeps it varied and interesting but I approach them in the same way.


VC: Your work varies from colour to black and white photography. Does the meaning of imagery change by its colour?

TF: I don’t think the meaning of the photograph changes but If you work on an editorial I think if you mix colour with black and white it keeps it dynamic and interesting.

VC: What kind of photograph would you be (as a person)?

TF: A good one I hope!

VC: Do you have a photograph that has a particular meaning to you?

TF: My print over my sofa by my dear friend Elisabeth.


VC: If we were you, where would we go to for inspiration?

TF: Go online.

VC: What do you expect from your photographs? When is a shoot definitely done?

TF: It’s done when you press send.

VC: You have worked for commercial brands but also for independent magazines, what is the difference? How do you approach this?

TF: It’s more about the product when you work for commercial brands. It’s also a lot more directed.  You will most likely not to be allowed to crop out the shoe.


VC: What kind of pictures can we find on your camera right now?

TF: My holiday snaps from Italy.

VC: How do you see your future? Where will you be in 10 years?

TF: Hopefully still taking pictures.

VC: Where would you want to be right now?

TF: I was thinking this morning that I wanted to go to LA.


VC: What was your last post on Facebook?

TF: It was so long ago I don’t even remember, Instagram suits me better.

VC: What is your ringtone (song)

TF: The standard Old Phone

VC: What is your biggest fear?

TF: Losing my sight.

VC: Night owl or early bird?

TF: Somewhere in between.


Words by Lete Hulscher
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